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Hello lovies!! 
I have been away for too long, I have been busy, but but, this blog is like a baby to me, so no excuse for being negligent! I apologise!
Thanks to those that sent me emails, asking if I was ok, you guys keep me moving!

I have a makeup look for you guys! I dont know if purple is my favourite color, (I don't think I have one) but i tend to use it a lot. Purple/berry lipsticks and eyeshadows! I think it works well with dark skin. And I like it because it works well with other colors. It could be bright, It could be dark...

Creating this look was quite easy.I used a yellow eyeshadow (yes yellow! don't know why it looks like lime!) all over my eyelid, then put in purple in my crease and blended it out with a reddish orange! I then put silver eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eye to brighten things up. Then...

Then I used a combination of a deep purple  and berry lipstick. check out more pictures..

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Mocha
Milani Face Transformer in Amber
Sleek contour Kit in Dark
Sheer Mineral blush in Raspberry


Eyelid and transition color from Blush 120 Palette 2nd Edition
Crease and inner eye color from Sleek Curcáo Palette
Creme Lashes in 747L
Zaron Kajal
Zaron eyebrow definer 


Mac Lipstick in Cyber
Mac Lipstick in Rebel
Eversheen lipliner in velvet

I absolutely enjoyed this look! It is edgy and probably not the kind of makeup you see everyday! Hope you like it as much as I do!

Olúmakeovers as a whole has moved! You can find the store, the blog and makeup studio under one umbrella at
Online Store:
Makeup Studio:

 This just to serve better and make everything less cumbersome. Our online store has a new look! You would love it, with easier checkout process, reviews, etc. We are currently having our first SALE mostly on REVLON and MAC lipsticks!! Check it out! We have the LOWEST prices! Guaranteed!
New and more exciting stock will be coming in at the end of this month, from bdellium brushes, to skindinavia setting sprays, from mac mineralise to nyx jumbo pencils! Stay Tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Till later!

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. lovely post as usual.keep them coming love.

  2. Noticed you did not use any concealer...
    You rock gurl.
    It's really "something new" and i love it....

  3. Love you...wanna send u a dnt knw how...loving all ur posts...and I just found u last month...damn...I even used u as my DP today...too much love abi..hehe

  4. Ma Omoshalewa! My teacher! ..... u don't know this but you are an inspiration. I really love your work n have learnt a lot from you..... Pls stop going away for too long I keep checking almost everyday n always sad when there aren't updates. Thanks for giving me hope cos The line of our business (makeup) is becoming crowded. Much love, from the amateur Makeup Artist. Love you Loads. @ Ronnie can't share + One more request. Can u do a look that will pass for the Bridal(white wedding Look). Thank you

  5. Salewa! Why did u stop your step by step procedure on how to get your look! It was a good source of inspiration. Pls keep ur post coming. .... U rock girl!

  6. Lovely work dear, love the cut crease.

  7. Wow...found your blog a couple of weeks back and I must say i'm in love with you already. I've never been one to spend money on make ups partly because I didn't think it was worth it and because i'm scared of something different and not like it so I just stick to the normal compact powder, eye pencil, kajal, little eye shadow and my lip gloss look. Got inspired by your blog and I went shopping! From Tara to Zaron, Mac and Revlon. When they gave me the bill, I was shocked! 32 THOUSAND!! I've never spent more than 5k on make ups. I paid and left. I always go through your step by step tutorial whenever i'm going out and it's been amazing so far. Some days I have to wash my face and start afresh over 5times . I tried something different on my own yesterday. I mixed Zaron's barefaced lipstick and Tara's sapele. And it was just beautiful. My son couldn't stop taking pictures and sending to my mother inlaw and my sisters. My hubby has been encouraging me to go shop some u very much Sweetie pls keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you! you are so sweet! You didnt stop by my online store, I am hurt!!! *runs dagger through heart* Thanks for reading xx

  8. Nice post and makeup. Not the regular kind. Keep 'em coming. Lovely...

  9. Please wanna know if u teach dis tutorials d venue n for how much


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