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Hi guys! How is it going?!
Today's post is one of the most requested topics! I get asked all the time, "please do a tutorial on lashes" 

I should have done this a long time ago, but I have been holding back due to the fact that, I have been wanting someone to shoot this tutorial for me i.e take pictures, so I could really show details as I would like to...
But I guess it couldn't wait any longer, so I did it anyway..I hope it explains all your questions..

Just a quickie before I get into it: I know most of you can relate to this: you see a pack of false eyelashes, you go "ah, it shouldn't be hard to apply, I mean, it is just lashes and glue, how hard can it be? ", then you purchase your first pair! Happy you goes in front of the mirror, puts the glue on the eyelash, as you should, then you stick it on your eye, IT DOESN'T STICK! You end up ruining the first pair, and probably think the lashes are bad, then you buy another,,but still, NO SHOW! 
It isn't only you oh!!!! 

There are two important things you should know about fixing strip eyelashes:



A good glue: DUO ADHESIVE has to be the most popular lash glue EVER! Now for me, I have seen other adhesives that stick on just as fine as this glue, but I am yet to see one that makes eyelash removal so easy. For some adhesives, you might have to pull out your eyelid from your head before you get the eyelash out! and trust me, I have used a LOT of eyelash adhesives!

 Strip Eyelashes: Here I am using Creme in number 82, I do not know why, but they call this number "Kim Kardashian" eyelash! I do not know why!

Mascara to blend in your lashes: I'm using cover girl lash blast volume! In all my years of doing makeup. I am yet to find a mascara that beats this one..when I have the chance to stock up on this, I go crazy!

A good eyeliner: that isn't too matte and too shiny. Experience has taught me that, matte eyeliners do not look so good with covering up messy eyelashes. Now lining your eyes with it is entirely different from covering up or blending..ELF, MILANI, TARA, ZARON are excellent without you spending a lot

Eyelash Applicator/Tweezer: This is optional, you may as well use your hands. I also have a toothpick up there, this is used to apply the glue to the eyelash band, this is optional as you can squeeze the glue directly from the tube to the band. If you do not have steady hands, you can make use of a toothpick. I always use a toothpick.

For best results, please follow step by step! This is my own way of applying eyelashes, as it is different from the typical method..you have to find what suits you...not what everybody is doing..

Make sure your lashes have been coated with mascara, and your eyelids lined with eyeliner. All you need is a  thin straight line> You'll get to do your winged liner or thick liner later on. This thin line is just to give the illusion that the false lashes are closer to the real lashes.

Squeeze your glue onto the back of your palm. I'm right handed, so i squeeze onto my left hand..

 Peel out your eyelashes from the pack and check if they are your appropriate size by fitting them to your eyelids, if they are too long, use a scissors to cut off excess from the OUTER part, like so in the picture

While you are doing this, your glue on the back of your hand, will be drying up. and that's what we want. Usually you put glue on your eyelash band and wait for 30 seconds or so they say, to make the glue tacky before applying ( it is never 30 seconds, always longer!) The glue will dry faster on your skin than on the eyelash band.

 Holding your eyelash firmly, either with your hand or tweezer, use your tooth pick to apply the glue onto the band of the eyelash, concentrating on the ends. These are the parts that come off easily and you need them to stick well.

Place your eyelashes onto your eyelid, yes with the gue still wet. 

Then REMOVE it! this is just to transfer some glue to the eyelids. Like I said earlier, glue dries faster on the skin than on the eyelash band. You should NEVER apply glue directly onto your eyelids.
You should have traces of the glue on your eyelids. This solves a lot of problems for you; like bending and curving the eyelash to fit roundly on your eyes, or the eyelash wobbling or sliding up and down your eyelids causing a mess With this the eyelash sticks exactly where you want it to

Your glue should start to change color or feel sticky in about 10-20 seconds (I promise!). When glue becomes tacky, place your eyelash on your eyelids, i advice placing it on the middle part first, then pressing the two ends down.


It should look something like this.. do not worry about the glue being all messy, It usually dries clear or black, depending on the type of glue you use..and we will also use eyeliner to hide all that

Use your tweeter, end of a brush, or even eyelash curler to press down the eyelashes firmly onto the eyelid. This part is really important, and it can make or break it! PRESS IT1 PRESS IT!


Next thing is to use a liquid liner to conceal all the remnant glue by drawing a line.. across the eyelash..just like you'll line your eyes normally....winged, straight, curved, it is up to you!

...Last but not least, blend in your natural lashes with the falsies by using your mascara on the root of your real lashes, tugging it in between the falsies. to make your falsies last loner (i.e reusage) , do not apply mascara all the way up to the tip of the false lashes, just keep it at the root like in the picture!

Se fini!

P.S My application here isn't as clean as it should be, I was holding the camera in one hand and applying with the other, Lol I was trying to get real time pictures! It is the idea that really matters!
Hope I have solved at least one out of many eyelash problems!
Let me know what you come up with!!

I would tell you, you would get it one time, but that would make me a liar! practice is everything!

(P.S All products used here are in stock at www.shopolumakeovers.blogspot.com + other fac products like ben nye powders and setting spray, nyx, ardell, red cherry, mac, milani, iman, real techniques, ELF etc at unbelievable prices with nationwide delivery!

Till later!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. See ehn! God bless you! I tried it out immediately as I had a pack of eyelashes almost ruined, around. And for the first time it stuck! Tho it wasn't neat but boy! I am glad! This is your style is just it. Love u muchos!

  2. Thanks a lot been breaking my head just to get it done.I feel soooo good.hugs

  3. Life saver! That's what you are!

  4. The tutorial is great yeah, but that lipstick!! I want!!!!! What is it?!!

    1. lol it is island berry in raspberry

  5. Hii Salewa thankss for this tutorial iv been so scared to try this but u make it look simple ill try it out,then anoda thing is I have the 15 concealer palette with corrector that I would like to dispose I got it before I found out it best utilized by a makeup artist rather for personal use so please if you can help with this I'd really appreciate it.Thankss

  6. Did u say 'hp I'v solvd one out of many' huh?.....u'v solved evrithing! O tan!!! God bless u

  7. Lovely post dear.


  8. Stunning!! And very helpful. Thanks, even without video it's understandable. I was searching for the basic info for my cousine. As to me I avoid falsies since I ruined my own eyelashes because of them... I searched for various remedies after and only Cherish Lash serum helped. Hope everyone finds something useful in this article :)


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