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Hello guys! How is it going??
I promised to post swatches of the new Zaron Lipsticks!
Check it out...

Zaron recently added for new moisturing matte lipsticks to their range. They do have the same formular and packaging with the previous ones, and the shades are to die for!

 My Valentine, Distinct, Barefaced, Tulips...


My Valentine is a rosy kind of red, which is really subtle. This is an everyday red, not flashy at all. If you are scared to wear red lipsticks, this one is a good entry point, because it is really soft, subtle and sensual...i think they nailed it with the name. Definitely a must have!

This is the nude color we have been waiting for from Zaron! There's really nothing much to say about this other than it is a great nude shade. It works with other colored lip liners for a 2 toned effect. It can be applied in the middle part of the lips for a nice ombre effect! Or you could just wear it plain for a nude effect! Be sure to wear with a lip liner or apply subtly, because it could make your lips appear larger than life!!  Loves it!


This is a purplish pink with red undertones. It is a nice shade for an everyday look. It could be layered up for a vavavoom effect. I'd wear this with maybe an all white ensemble for a nice  pop of color. I hate pinks, but I can DEFINITELY work with this pink as it isn't the regular shade of pink and its got hints of purple in it!

This is my favourite of all. This is a deep purple lipstick. It is very elegant and Gothic at the same time. I particularly like the texture, it is matte and has a satin finish at the same time! If you do not have a stand out color in your lipstick collection, this is a good place to start! Really cool for a vampy look! Zaron nailed this one! We want to see more of this types of colors!
Gotta have it!

 .....And new shades of colored eye usual they are very pigmented!

That's it guys!
Which one would you be adding to your collection??
Available at Zaron Outlets and shopOlumakeovers. Buy Online HERE

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  1. Anonymous24 July, 2013

    Hey. I've noticed whenever you take close up shots of your lips, that you don't apply your lipstick to your entire lips. You almost always leave out part of your upper lip...I don't know if that's supposed to make your lips look smaller but I don't think it's cool.
    Just makes the lip color look unfinished. #TwoCents

    1. Anonymous24 July, 2013

      If your are trying make your lips smaller,u'd use a lipliner, which I can't see. It is just a swatch not a makeup look.

      That distinct looks good! Keep it up Zaron

  2. Great post, love the colours might try these lipsticks :D followed GFC and blogloving x

    Debbie x

    1. Hey, followed right back! awesome blog you have! x

  3. Having tried out the Tonee Red (thanks to you) I think I might buy the barefaced. Been looking for a nice matte nude color for a while! Lovely post! Keep doing what you do! X

  4. This is my first time here and I have a question...Why the biff?

  5. Anonymous28 July, 2013

    is this a paid advert by zaron? and how much are these lipsticks?

  6. The distinct gotta have! Used to think deep wine color lipsticks re gothic...didn't knw deep purple too!!!

  7. Waoooooo! Finally am here. I got to find ur blog tru google abt ur makeup and brow tutorial and I must say kudos dear. I loved ur sence of humour and d easy wit which u expalined ur write up. Am addicted already. The bareface lipstick can it be liked to usualy peach island beauty cuz dats more like wat I observed. I love oder shades too. As for d eyeliner, I love d green most cuz it gvs me ds smallish eyes wen I apply it. I can't say more, sorry 4 d epistle. Lollz

  8. Just purchased the distinct shade, it is very similar to BM Pro long lasting lip gloss(Delphine shade) which I already own. Not happy that I duplicated the buy. Was actually looking for something else.

  9. Hey really lovely; i have theses shades too as i am a hundred percent zaron girl. Just stated my blog too.. do check it out


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