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Hello people!! TGIF!!!
Well today is Friday...and tomorrow is whaaaaaat????!!
For a Nigerian lady, who loves to have a good time, dance and eat small chops, tomorrow is not just Saturday but, Owanbe day!! For my international readers ( yes I now have them, don't try me o!) Owanbe is a Nigerian lingo for a party reception with stage musicians and food and all that good stuff!!
I used to be an Owanbe addict, but these days work won't let me. And I might be tired of buying 'asoebi's!!!
Anyway, I just thought you guys would like to see an owanbe look, that could inspire you for any owanbe you've got! The theme is a pink asoebi of different shades, so I also did different shades of pink on the eyes!! Candy floss yanah (I try not to use all these slangs on here, but hey!)
see more pictures of what I cooked up!

With all the dancing and sweating, you want to use a good primer and foundation.. I went the typical way for this look, multicolored eyes and ombre lips with the step step semicircle gele!!

I'm not so much of a highlight and contour enthusiast, but for an Owanbe, you have to give them!! everything!! The whole nine yards!! This is not because of the hot and fine guys that would be clad in their white trad or anything..*cough* Let us go a little off topic here, are Nigerian guys not lucky??!! They get to wear the SAME white trad to every owanbe and no-one will notice!!! And they would still be feeling fresh and takeaway..CHAI!!

If you look closely, I did something different with my brow. I absolutely detest concealer of any kind showing above or beneath the brow. I just hate it!! but here, I did a slight line of lighter concealer above my brow. This is just to define the brow and make it look darker. the contrast helps in making the brow stand out.

This is how cool the eyes are without flash...see the difference. Besides photographer friends have told me that, the best photo is the one without flash...but how i for do now...I am an amateur at this!

Mac Prep and Prime for primer
Iman Liquid Makeup in Earth5
Iman Creme Foundation in Earth 1 for Highlight
Iman Oil Blotting Powder in Deep
Ben Nye Powder in Banana for Highlight
Sleek Contour Kit in Dark for contour
Bobbi Brown E/S in Espresso for contour
Milani Glitter Stipes Bronzer 01
Black Opal Blush in Valentine
Milani Bush in Creme and Coffee


Sleek Palette in Oh so special
Stargazer Eye Dust
Ardell False eyelashes
Color Flower Gel eyeliner
W7 mascara for lashes
Zaron Eyebrow filler for brows
Prestige Gel pencil liner in black for waterline

Zaron Lipliner in Fussy Fuschia
Sleek twist up lip pencil in Pink rose
Island Beauty Lipstick in Pink souffle
Sleek clear lipgloss


Taries World is opening their new sales outlet in Ikeja TOMORROW! If you are a makeup lover like me and you do not have plans, be there o!! Sales, light bites, signature drinks etc!! I will be there, and you
should be too!

Olumakeovers will be commencing its ONE WEEK PERSONAL MAKEUP TRAINING and TWO WEEKS INTENSIVE MAKEUP TRAINING in September. If you are interested please send me a mail at Maximum students allowed at a time is 6. Hurry to get your brochure!

Also, a reader of this blog sent me a mail in the Ask-Salewa series regarding highlighting and contouring! If you are reading, I haven't forgotten it. It has been a struggle doing a tutorial with just pictures. A video tutorial would be better, but currently, my camera can't do the type of video I had hoped for. Play back is so horrible! But I am working on it! Ndo, Pele!

A make-me-like post would be up next week, followed by a tutorial. Last time I did my wifey's,  Genevieve Nnaji,( click HERE if you missed it!)  guess who the next one would be!! Oh and yes! I've got the Zaron's new lipsticks swatches coming up too!

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Would you try this look?? Tell me what you think below in the comment box! I love hearing from you!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Nice make up Shalewa...really nice and I think I'll be trying it out plz dear,jst teach us(me) how to apply false Lashes nah...plz,plz,plz!!!

  2. You are so good at what you do,love your blog :)

  3. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    Aaaah! You are good! You do your makeup like Bm pro I swear, not like the 'other' ones! Keep up the goodwork. Can't wait to learn from you

  4. addicted to your blog12 July, 2013

    Omg, you are so funny! A pretty face with a nice personality! This makeup is fabulous!!! Nice one!

  5. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    God!!!!!!!You are so so good at this!!!!!!

  6. Very nice, best witout d flash!

  7. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    I have just one question! How pretty are you going to look on your wedding day?!! Damn! Gorgeous! Your makeup is to die for. Brows of life! *sigh*

  8. wow. you look really nice. i just pray you don't look more beautiful than the bride with this look. This a job well done. As for the training am interested but i don't stay in Lagos. Do you have any arrangement for people outside lagos???

    1. hahahaa!!! Unfortunately, there are no palns for people outside Lagos, at the moment

    2. Anonymous18 July, 2013

      Am interested in d training I don't know jack abt makeup nd I really luv 2 learn pls pls pls teach me/recruit me as an apprenticeship.

  9. GELE!! Love it!! I wonder how. You would look on your wedding would be a crime to look prettier than this o! Nice makeup! Will try this out!

    1. no please o! I want to look better o! Thanks for reading x

  10. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    Your sense of humour makes this blog inviting. You sure are a warm person. I hope to meet you one day so we can chit chat about makeup. I'm an aspiring makeup artist and I have learned a lot! Don't stop giving us blogs. Muah!

  11. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    10/10 makeup u luk fantabulously gorgeous.ur sense of humor is smthn else jst lyk shalewa in Tinsel

  12. i totally love errtin abou ds look... *thumbs up* ma'am

  13. Anonymous15 July, 2013

    1st time of commenting, with this look i just had to say this is your best look ever (personal opinion) i think what u did to your eye brow really made it look lovely. i need a phone number to contact you. Your services is needed urgently.

  14. Lovely make-up! Would u be kind enough to do a tutorial on this look please? Thank you in advance...

    1. Girl u touch, m Ghanaian n I so luv your works..
      pls More utube videos.. u a bomb Glad u doing so cos u good at it. Fingers crossed for more. . Can't wait tho.. hehe


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