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 Hello people! Hope you are enjoying the new month so far! I have an exciting announcement at the end of this post..kindly make sure you read every single word!!

It is a VS post today, where i'll be comparing MAC'S Ruffian Red and Pibona's Red Carpet Lipsticks. Pibona is a new Nigerian line of mineral makeup and I did a review on the brand some, months back, click HERE to see some of their amazing products if you haven't. I already talked bout these two lipsticks in separate posts so I won't be ranting too much..

Let's compare

 The Pibona Luxury Matte Lipstick:

 The quality of this product is quite impressive. It is a rich red that I think will suit most skin tones. It applies like a dream, and is really pigmented. It also stays on for a while, through food and snacks and drinks...

The MAC Ruffian Red:

they say it is a blue toned red, but looks a bit orangey on me ( that's one of the reasons i love it). This type of red might not fit all skin tones as it obviously appears so differently on many people. As usual, MAC doesn't disappoint with this one, pigmentation is good, applies well and lasts...well, long enough.


They both have great, texture and pigmentation.
They are both have a bit of orange undertone

Packaging for one, Ruffian Red comes in the usual solid black mac tube. Pibona Red Carpet also comes in a black tube, not as sturdy. For the price, the printing on the packaging has to be improved, as you can see from the picture, the name has peeled off.
Red Capet is more matte in texture than the Ruffian Red, as the latter has a bit of sheen to it
Red Carpet lasts longer than the Ruffian Red.
Red Carpet ( N3,000) is cheaper than Ruffian Red (N3,900- N4500)


Pibona Red Carpet takes this one mainly because of Longevity and Price.

Where to buy:
Red Carpet:You can purchase this HERE or call 08178808755,for delivery anywhere you are in Nigeria
Ruffian Red: Buy HERE 


I'm pleased to announce that OluMakeovers has just recently added another service to its outfit...which is the makeup procurement/ personal shopper service!
Are you the kind of woman who finds the process of makeup shopping disorienting, have minimal knowledge about cosmetics and little interest in navigating through the thousands of products available on your own, or does your makeup bag need revival and you just don't have the time to shop? Are confused as to what products will go with your skin types and specific skin allergies?? 
Do your drawers become filled to overflowing with unnecessary products you thought were going to be useful??
We can take that burden off you!!
We'll sell you tailored advice on what makeup to use and buy and also teach you how to use them for free! 

You won't spend all your money at ONE single makeup counter because the attendants swear the products are the best 
Product suggestions are made based on my clients BUDGET. Regular readers of this blog know that, I do not believe that ONE single makeup manufacturer does everything right, Nor do I believe that you have to buy ONLY high end and expensive makeup to achieve the perfect face.
Get products at discounts due to relationship built with makeup stockists over the years
You can revamp your current makeup products and tools, as well as keep you current on what's hot this season and what's right for you.
No extravagant spending on items you do not need!

With a professional, registered makeup artiste and beauty consultant by your side, YOU can become your own best makeup artist! contact me at for more details.

That's it guys!

Don't forget to check out our online store (click HERE)  for a wide range of makeup like brushes and primers etc, we deliver NATIONWIDE.
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Your Comrade in Beauty,

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  1. Anonymous01 July, 2013

    I love the personal shopper idea! I know this is done is other countries but - haven't heard of one in Nigeria! Way to go! I hope you won't be expensive! *puppy eyes* and to think Pibona is rubbing shoulders with MAC..wonderful..the growth in Nigeria's fashion and beauty industry is remarkable! Great job as always!

    1. no it would be quite affordable! thanks! x

  2. Great post as always

  3. Hello shalewa, I av a big difficulty in finding the right foundation, my skin was good with Mary kay 507, but now, I have almost 6 foundations, cream to powder, it's all just not working! Ps I av spot on my face! Help

    1. hello ayobami, do send me a mail xx

  4. Anonymous02 July, 2013

    Hi,I love all ur posts,most of the things I knw abt makeup I learnt frm the internet nd more frm ur blog. Thank You. do u teach makeup?

  5. Just wanted to use this medium to leave a testimonial. I saw some comments on some other post and I felt I shld do the same. More grease to your elbow on your online store. Very formal and cool. Ordered from Warri, got my stuff in 2 days. Lovely customer service. Keep it up.

  6. U don't reply Ur mails jooor

  7. Those of us silent readers that have been with you from the first post till now are proud of you. You keep it fresh which is rare these days. Keep it up dear!

    1. Thanks for the kind words :)

  8. Anonymous20 July, 2013

    Yea all nice and good but I also think pibona is an up riser coming out strong and competing with others really nice I use some of it and it works for me


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