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Hi guys! 
Today's post is a jumbo post..lool packed with more than one article! From a nail post to announcements! Do bear with the length! Check it out!

This nail art is a simple black nail color with a crack design on both hands. Black is my go-to-color for nails (and even clothing). I mean when I am confronted with sooooo much nail polish colors to choose from, black is usually my safe haven. Anyways I tweaked it up with a silver polish and added a black crack polish. These crack polishes are flooding the market and they are spot on trend. What you can create with them is endless. You should try it out if you haven’t! 

Someone asked in the comment box on the last nail post if those were my natural nails. Those who know me would be laughing their heads off right now, because my nails are short and ugly and horrible!!! I have been chewing my nails since I had fingers!! You might not believe it if I say at my age, my mum still slaps my hands off my mouth when i'm EATING my nails near her in public! You would think I would have stopped due to embarrassment, but nooooo #teamwedontcurrrrrrr  

What do ya think? Nailed it or Not??

Makeup News


I know I am late, but the much awaited and expected RiriWoo is finally out and SOLD OUT ( there are too many makeup crazies in the world). The lipstick is one of the products from the Rihanna and MAC collaboration. As the name implies, It is like a remix of the infamous RUBYWOO! Anyways it got sold out just after 3 hours!! But I reckon you might still be able purchase on eBay and all those other sites. I’m sure we won’t be getting here until ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN, lool!

According to reviews, It is just the same as RubyWoo but not as drying! It would be nice to try it out, but I doubt I’d want to shell out money on RubyWoo’s sister! Yuck! I hate that lipstick!
You can read a review here at Labella Vita’s blog, she did an awesome review!


 The Lagos make Up Fair - BellaNaija - May2013
YAY! I’m super duper excited for this one!  Here’s what they say on their website..

POPS Concepts presents the 2nd edition of The Lagos MakeUp Fair (LMUF2). The MakeUp Fair Series is a makeup and beauty shopping extravaganza and is intended to give makeup and beauty professionals a great platform from which to conclude business with attendees/visitors by showcasing and demonstrating their products thereby attracting potential customers. LMUF2 is a great marketplace for finding targeted audience and prospective customers. Exhibitor Categories: Makeup products, tools and Personal Care: Wellness and Spa: Hair Care, products and accessories.

I attended the first edition and I had fun! Makeup discounts, freebies, competitions, a whole lot of makeup vendors with a wide range of brands! It was a makeup lover’s heaven. I’m particularly looking forward to whoop up some Arike products, I’m hoping they are exhibiting again! You shouldn’t miss this event if you reside in Lagos!

Date : Saturday 22nd June, 2013.
Time: 10AM – 7PM
Venue: Anchor Events Place No 2 Registration Close behind Union bank after LTV Agidingbi Ikeja Lagos
Contact: For Sponsorship, Registration and Participation call 08037862333 or 08188905667 | Email

I love getting mails from you guys! Most times I get a lot of questions on oily skin, and primers and foundation shades etc.I just thought some of these questions are questions most people would love to know answers to, so I will be creating a post with all these questions. If you have any questions for me, kindly send them to with the subject ASK SALEWA, so I can put these questions up on the blog and answer them, so everyone can read and maybe learn from it!


Y'all already know how we love giveaways here on this blog!! This time we are making it more exciting!! If you know you got that fantastic and perfect art of filling in your brows under your belt, then you should show it off!! I mean it isn't an easy thing to do, we all know this! You get to show us how your brow looked before, and the finished look! Then we leave the judgement and the voting to YOU GUYS!! yes! #dazzul! This won't be a sponsored giveaway, so i'll be handpicking the prizes myself! So if you know how to 'make' fierce brows or know somebody who does, tell her ( no him..lool)!!

I'm going to do a full post to let you know the rules and the prizes! I'll be collecting as many entries as I can, but if the entries are less than 4, it would be cancelled, because then it won't be much of a competition,would it?! Let me know what you guys think!

We still have the 24pc brush sets in stock and 18pc brush set on request at a discount price. And you also get 10% off any order till the end of May! check out shopolumakeovers for all your makeup! We now deliver NATIONWIDE!

Thanks for reading as always! 

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. larhetan14 May, 2013

    Your nails.. definitely nailed it! Can't wait for the brow competition!! +the oily face post :(

  2. Anonymous14 May, 2013

    Lovely nails! Gorge! Love the design! Saving this pic for my next trip to the nail salon! I also can't wait for the competition! Good work on the blog! Loving it!

  3. Love it! Nailed it!

  4. Anonymous14 May, 2013

    I'm entering into dt brow competition. How do u gt d pics tho?

  5. How do I snd the pics! Am so in for the brow competition!

  6. I'm so in for the eyebrow competion. How do I send in pics?

  7. Hi ladies, a full post would go up, statimg whr you can send pics, rules and prizes. Do check back!


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