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As far as being disciplined (makeup) goes, I could say I'm a totally spoilt brat. I cant control myself when I see a makeup store, well my wallet at the end of the day controls me, but you get my gist. I decided from February, that I was going to buy only things I needed! Let's see how that worked for me! Check out stuff I got since Feb till date....


This I bought because I needed a big fluffy blending brush urgently! I misplaced one, I accidentally pulled out all the hairs of another ( which I later fixed using superglue) , all in 2 days! I always always take extras with me when I have a job, so I had to get one. I had read about this brush on some beauty blogs, and i decided to try it out. The hairs are a little scratchy, but it gets the done job very nicely.

I don't know if I have mentioned this but a BLENDING brush is one of the most important tools to have! You just have to have it for a really nice look! you need a standard eyeshadow brush, to lay your eyeshadow, and a blending brush to blend. If you don't own a blending brush, and you like to do makeup, you need to get one! With this you get neat, well blended eye shadow makeup, and you can also use it to blend the concealer underneath your brow.

 BUY: I got this at Cassabella, The Palms, V/I. You can also get blending brushes in brush sets, instead of buying individually. For brush sets, click HERE to check out our online store.


This I just used ojukokoro and longer throat to buy! I held out on this product  for so long after reading reviews and seeing every beauty blogger use on youtube, why? because I somehow knew, I'd have the same shades in this kits as eyeshadows. Anyways, konga.com gave out vouchers, so I used it to purchase this, so nothing spoil. 
I got one in dark which contains a shimmery light color for the highlight and a dark powder for contour. I do have to layer on the dark powder, because it is not that dark for me ( I fall between a Mary Kay 607 and 708, Iman Earth 4 and 5, MAC NW 50-55)

Overall it is a good product! Good finish and good formulation. If you are a makeup lover and you don't have this already, you should get this, it's a good buy. When you don't have the strength or time to doa full face contouring routine with your foundarion, conceaer and stuff, this makes it easier.
*BUY: konga.com


I got two shades in this, Coral and Plum. Revlon has always been one of my all time favorite brands, not just drugstore brands. They are affordable yet of good quality. These two lippies didn't disappoint me one bit. Rich color, non drying and good staying power. I got this coral because, I had been looking for an orange toned lipstick with red undertones. I wanted something like MAC Lady Danger but more moisturizing and cheaper. They are not the same shade, but it comes close, and I'm entirely satisfied with that!

*BUY:  konga.com

After seeing so many reviews ans swatches, I knew i had to get this palette, and you know because Sleek does amazing blushes! I was particularly attracted to the warm orange shade, and it looks gorgeous! I naturally prefer warm toned blushes like browns and oranges, so you bet that pink wont be getting a lot of use.

As usual it came in the sturdy and classy black case

I got the pumpkin shade

I must have said it here that countless times that you might not need to shell out money on the big brands for mineral blushes, because Milani gatchu! I added this beautiful babies to my ever growing collection of Milani blushers and bronzers.

Cant wait to get them to work!

I've heard a lot about this powder. Some even say it feels like a  MAC mineralize skin finish...since i got this product, I haven't used it, so I cannot categorically tell you one thing, and my oga at the..........oh well you know the rest! When I use it, I'll let you guys know if its's a steal or not

How cute is the powder puff? Loves it!

These eyeshadows are not so metallic like it claims, but I love them!  I was given by my awesome friend and I immediately threw them in my kit.

These shades are particularly good for bridal makeup. Good pigmentation with a nice satin finish.


OK this doesn't look like I made a promise to myself about NOT buying makeup...*sigh* but no more makeup purchases till December July  (LOL, I cant deceive myself!)

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Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Anonymous07 May, 2013

    Hello Shalewa,plz jst a question 4 you...I hv a very oily face and dis makes my makeup not to last long becoz the oil comes out and spoils everything even if I apply a foundatoin....so plz,any recommendation(I use marykay foundation and iman light medium)...thank you!

    1. Hi!
      You need to build a good skincare routine using oil absorbing masques and cleansers. then use a primer before applying your foundation. since you use a MK foundation, you should buy MK facial primer as they work hand in hand to reduce oil. Hope this helps
      P.S Check out the "Beneath your beautiful" post on this blog, on how to build your skincare routine for different skin types1

    2. Anonymous07 May, 2013

      Thank u so much,but somebody advised I should get a face maltifier (nt sure about the spellin),while another said I should get a mary kay concealer..plz dear,wat do think or which woulp you prefer + I've checked the post about the skin care.

  2. Hi salewa,I sent you an email with this email address...ogunnowoomosalewa@ymail.com.bt I'm yet to get a reply frm you.I'm still waitin for your approval..

    1. Hello Nneka, I didn't get your mail, kindly resend, or send to ogunnowoomosalewa@gmail.com. cheers

  3. The Milani powder is actually good.....anyway, let's wait for your review sha. I haven't actually used it, but I've heard great things about it. I also heard it pairs very well with iman foundations.

    I love sleek blushes but I haven't seen the 3-in-1 around here at all, so I have to make do with the single ones.

    By the way, i'll send u a mail now.

  4. Anonymous10 May, 2013

    hi dear. when would you have fashion fair foundation?

  5. Anonymous02 June, 2013

    Pls where in this Lagos did you buy the sleek contour kit from?


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