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Hello Guys!
Yes Yes Yes! I have been M.I.A and I apologize. I would tell you all about it but I doubt you want to hear tales about medications and what not!


We are  back to the COLOR-WHEEL matter, open and close oya baby oya yo**.   If you missed the previous one, check it HERE, it was about dark vampy lipsticks! Today's color-wheel is about Orange/Coral/Tangy lipsticks! These are the lipsticks that i have found to fit my skin tone so is trickyy, you don't want to look like Lady Mirinda at the end of the day! Enjoy...


I’m a fan of these lipsticks, as you guys know I've featured another on the blog. This one is called orange and rightly so. I love this particular shade, it has a bit of tomato red in it, and it is very flattering. It is reasonably matte and applies well. You can get this at most makeup stores especially the ones that sell Jacklene, jordana etc


Thisremains my favorite lipstick from MAC. It is the right amount of matte,moisture and pigment, and the shade is most flattering. I haven’t found a dupeand I’ll continue to repurchase as long as they make it this good. It is beautifulreddish orange that SHOUTS and I don't mind wearing it casually. It gets reallyscarce in Nigeria, but you can get it here on and the MAC store atthe Ikeja mall


Iwrote about this lipstick 3 or so posts ago, it was included in my most recenthaul post, so I wouldn't ramble too much about it. Check HERE if you missed it.


This lipstick is a true reddish orange and will fit a great range of warm skin tones. I particularly love the satin finish and it is also very pigmented. It isn't full on orange, but has a tangy tinge enough to make it NOT red. 


 This is a vibrant orange with a subtle sheen. It is part of  the an amplified creme finish from MAC which makes it really amplified. It is isn't so easy to use as it doesn't forgive chapped lips and lines, but the shade is quite unique. You can purchase on

I do not know the shade of this particular lipstick, I tried to look for it online, but i didn't find it. Reason being, I de-potted this lipstick a while back and threw the case out because of space.I remember I purchased this at PAKS cosmetics and i'm pretty sure the shade came in a number format. Anyway it is a  TRUE orange, and cannot go unnoticed. 


This has to be he best of liquid lipsticks. As I have said before, I shy away from lipgloss, but this is just a miracle. Black Opal liquid lipsticks are quite pigmented with a great staying power. I find myself reaching for this product more than usual because it is just so great.This shade, paradise heat is really lovely and will definitely get you noticed! PACK ON THE HEAT!

You can buy HERE at our online store

So that's it guys! Though I have the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Le Orange Lipstick  and MACs Good To Go Pro Longwear Lipstick on my mind. They are orange toned and have been told great things about them!

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What orange/coral lipstick do you own and love?? Tell us about the wonders!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. I'm rocking a cheap red lipstick today oh. I've been hearing a lot about Mac Ruby woo and since I'm not all that brave just yet with bold red lips, I decided to try island beauty 'blue flame'. And I must commend it's staying power. 4hrs and a breakfast later, I'm still good to go.
    Thumbs up Salewa. You look gorge as usual :*

    1. girrrrrl I have no choice but to go look for it lool. x

  2. Larhetan30 May, 2013

    Loving the MacLady Danger! They all look pretty much alike *good on You*..or maybe you make them look that good! ♥

    1. lol aww thank you, you are too kind😄

  3. Love the post as usual..hmmn before I started reading this blog..I had like 4 lipsticks! NOW I just keep buying lool! And I've found really great shades thanks to your blog and I like how you introduce us to cheap brands! Go girl!

    1. we makeup loving girls, im afraid we can't stop buying lol. thanks for reading x

  4. I particularly missed u on here. I have jordana orange lipstick(forgotten the shade) and its my to-go lipstick. Colleagues always comment anytime I use it. Lasts ALL DAY!! Def gonna try the ones you mentioned above. And pls dnt M. I.A for too long again!

  5. Please what is the name of your weave? You look like a diva and i'm loving it, Need to get me some.

  6. U looking more beautiful

  7. I have Jordana orange 037 and i have Milani orange 42(mandarina) and i complete d look with an orange Zaron lipgloss. Its so perfect

    1. Ah Milani Mandarina is a gem! Thanks for sharing x

  8. Anonymous17 July, 2013

    For that weave I cld totally forget I'm a freaking make-up junkie.....buh ma wide face won't allow me rock that weave #sad....tis so lovely tho whr did u get it?

  9. Anonymous01 May, 2014

    Can you still buy Ultra Glaze? Where can I buy this from?


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