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Hi guys! Hows' the weekend going?

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I'm back with another work post! I should have posted this sooner but work and posts have been piling on and.....yadayada! Ok! I worked with the amazing Tosho Woods at her photoshoot ( i think in March or April * I can't remember*) to unveil her newest collection, Bridal Enchantment. The design house makes custom made dresses for brides, bridesmaids and bridal reception after parties.

I worked with three models, one from PAGES MODELS (which holds a very special place in my heart). Check out the make up pics from the shoot

Model 1

 Model 2

There's a story here... I learned a lot while doing this face, ALWAYS MOISTURIZE!! I touched her face before makeup, and just felt it wasn't necessary to moisturize,
OH BOY! As I laid down the primer and foundation I knew something was wrong, her skin started flaking on me. The foundation wasn't laying well, it was showing patches and all that till I mixed it with another foundation which was not as matte as the one I used before. Oh my! I was singing 'never again' while I was packing up my box to go home after the shoot...loooool, I laughed at myself so hard and definitely decided never to take anyone's skin at face value. Some skins are betrayers ha! Anyways I got it right, IN TIME, that's what actually matters *SIGH*

Changed her lip color later on, mixed Zaron's Tonee Red with a light pink lipgloss

Model 3 from PAGES MODEL
I didn't remember to take a before photo as usual, lol she was glad, I told her she used jazz on me because I didn't remember until I finished!

 Finally decided to whip out MAC'S Vegas Volt and make it work as that could easily pass as one of the most annoying lipsticks I own. I paired it with a reddish brown lipliner and  I liked how it turned out,

 I also changed her lip color to a more orangey tone, here I used MAC MORANGE

 Tosho Woods herself making adjustments...

These two dresses made two brides-to-be and customers there waste more hours than they wanted to. They couldn't decide which they wanted for their reception dress.They were talking so much and changing decisions every minute I wanted to explode!
 'ok ok, i'll take the mermaid cut, yes, my fiance would like that" two seconds later " JESUS CHRIST, WAIT WAIT...OMG THIS ONE NOW LOOKS FINE O, FOR MY FIGURE, I'LL TAKE THIS ONE, FINAL"  2nd Bride: 'ufoma wore something like this and she looked gorgeous, ah it will look good on y......"  "UFOMA WORE THIS SAME THING, AH NO, PLS BRING THE OTHER ONE LET ME SEE AGAIN, I DON'T WANT BELLANAIJA PPL TO SAY I COPIED ANOTHER BRIDE, 'I'M CHANGING MY MIND......."  choose something for the love of GOD!! We women!!!! haaaaaaaaaaa!
*not like they said these exact words, but you get the gist, hehehe*  

I could understand because the dresses were amazing, I sew myself, so I could appreciate the finishing and detailing that went into each piece!! amazing stuff!

Modes and phones....

Official Pictures...
Tosho Woods Bridal 2013 Bridesmaids Collection - April - BellaNaija2013012

Tosho Woods Bridal 2013 Bridesmaids Collection - April - BellaNaija2013008

Tosho Woods Bridal 2013 Bridesmaids Collection - April - BellaNaija2013006

Tosho Woods Bridal 2013 Bridesmaids Collection - April - BellaNaija2013013

Check out more pictures from this collection, on BellaNaija
If you like what you see from this beautiful collection, Tosho Woods can be contacted at:

Tosho Woods Bridal
Suite GA3, Surulere Super Plaza
Opposite Havanna Hospital
Akerele Extension

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  1. Good work! That second model, wow the transformation, keep it up! Love your blog

  2. GREAT WORKS.....Make up is beautiful:))I love this blog much

  3. *mouth sealed at their before photos..Great work dear.

  4. Wow this is cool. The transormations are just wow. Keeping doing what you do, some of us learn a lot. Good work, love your blog

  5. Anonymous02 June, 2013

    Nice job on d models, the brows is thrilling wishing I culd do a brow ds lovely. Will really appreciate if u can do a post on brows.


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