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Hi guys!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!! I most certainly did, and yes happy new month!! I'm introducing a new feature here on the blog called NAIL IT!! It will be mostly about various nail designs and inspirations, nail care, nail product reviews, D-I-Y, tutorials and all that...the whole nine yards!

This post i titled 'Lone Star"I'm sure most of you have seen this trend, where one finger nail is polished in a completely different color. Now let me state here that I'm no professional when it comes to nails, I just do it and keep getting better at it..once in a while I go out to nail bars to get my nails done, but most time I fix them myself. I've got a laarrrge kit ( nails, acrylic kit, polish, files, buffer, creams and a whole lot), you wouldn't believe I don't do this professionally!!

 I sort of hated this trend a while back, more like how I hated the oval/mountain peak fingernail shape, but style as we all know, evolves! For me, in beauty, fashion, style and all that, it is NEVER SAY NEVER!!

I decided to add some bling, which i thought made it more funky ( or not!)

Neon Polish: Nail forever Lacquer in 042
Ash Polish: Nail forever Lacquer in 006
Stones added on by Atleco Nail glue

Nailed It or Not??!!

We are pleased to announce the FOUR winners for the giveaway!! The results were generated by as you can see from the screen shots below!

FIRST WINNER: Ijaiya Olaitan
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SECOND WINNER: Afolashade Moshood
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THIRD WINNERFash priscillia
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FOURTH WINNER: meme bonnie agwuna
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CONGRATS GUYS! Send a mail to to confirm on or before 6th of April!! Thanks to everyone that participated!! Thanks to Pibona cosmetics for sponsoring the giveaway, TheMakeupTales loves you!! 

For all INSTAGRAM USERS, follow TheMakeupTales on Instagram for instant updates, loads and loads and loads of makeup and beauty pictures!! We follow back!
Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Babes you nailed dem much..cute...

  2. Awww I dint win:(...issokay thou
    Btw I lurveeeee ur nails!!are dose ur real nails?

    1. Ehn! I wish! my real nails are terrible! They are acrylic nails! better luck next time dear! Thanks for reading!

  3. Yaaaaaaay thanks Pibona cosmetics love ya love ya love ya!!! @shally good work#kisses

  4. Congrats to the winners....Forgot to mention.....Oby i love dem rings oh...

  5. meme bonnie agwuna03 April, 2013

    Yhhhh! A big thanks to u and to pibona make up, a very big thank you.

  6. fash priscillia...yaaay i won a lipstick m soo hapi...iono y i cnt comment with my google account ohh...:(
    d issue nw is dat im outtof Nigeria right nw :( iono if sum1 cud hlp me pick it up...

  7. Yaaayyy... Thank yu soooooo much!!! Can't wait to try it! + your nails look fabulous ♥


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