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Hi guys!

Few weeks ago one of you, my adorable readers left a comment and suggested that I did a post on all my red lipsticks...I've seen beauty bloggers do that and I asked myself 'why not?'. In the ensuing weeks i'll be putting all the colors I own in different categories and talking about them! hopefully this inspires someone to move out of their comfort zone!

As you can see from the picture above, this post is not about red lipstick!! Im sure you guys have seen so much of red lipsticks and you wonder " is it only red lipsticks she owns?" NO!! When it comes to lipsticks i'm a great risk taker, no color is beyond me!

Anyway!! Today's post is about my lipsticks that give off  gothic, dark and vampy looks! Yes I wear these lippies out, it isn't just for show! and NO I don't get rude glances from the roasted corn seller on the road! For me makeup is much more than just 'beautiful', I love to take risks and manipulate my face!


OK let's begin!

P.S: Forgive my weird facial expressions in these photos, I don't know what I was doing, was trying to look mean and fierce but I guess I should watch more America's Top Model!!


I've had this lipstick for a while and I got it as a complimentary gift. Fashion Fair used to do the awesomest complimentary gifts, bags, makeup products, skincare etc! This is my go to dark look, as you can see how battered and tortured it is. If this lipstick reincarnates and hears the name "Salewa", it will disappear from the makeup stands, because i'll use the life out of it!

It is a glaze purplish brown lipstick, it isnt matte neither is it creamy. Fashion fair lipsticks get me the most, their matte isn't drying, their creme formular isnt ororo like (oily), their high shine isn't gliterry, some brands just do this to you!


It takes some kind of inner "wicked step mother" to pull off this lipstick!! This is the new black! Trust me, it takes a lot of courage!! I did a review with swatches on this lippie a while back, see here, so I wont bore you with the details.


 This is a berry brown. It is actually the lightest of the bunch. The flash of the camera even makes it look lighter than it really is ! This could also work as an everyday dark color!

This one is a bad girl! One of my faves because it is really dark! i started out using this lipstick some years back as a lipliner till i figured I could use it all over lips! I haven't stopped repurchasing till then!


I love the richness of color of this lipstick. It is very pigmented! It is a dark brown chocolately color, which I think will flatter most skintones. If you started using makeup quite young you might have heard about Island beauty, it's been around for AGES. If you've ever attended a Nigerian makeup school, it is most likely you've heard of or used this brand.. It is REALLY cheap ( about a 100 box) but you don't get much product..lool we can't complain!

I also use dark pencils to line my dark lippies! The ones I have used over time are Fashion Fair Lip pencil in Passion and Eversheen Lip pencil in velvet!

So what do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

I apologize for the current state of our store, most of the items are out of stock, sorry for those I disappointed *sad face* Working on a better layout for the store where you can see prices, details, shades and also add to cart, all to make your shopping experience better! New stock coming soon! *scouts honor*

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Do you own any dark lippies?? Which are your go to brands and shades? Let us know, sharing is cool!  They do say, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice...

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Yayy yayy yayy!!!nw I knw I will start searchin 4 dark lipsticks nw...d fashion fair,mac and jackelin juss did it 4 me....*nw running 2 d mkt* kip up d gud work

  2. Interesting blog dou, keep it up! I love the black opal rum raisin (berry brown) lipstick.

  3. i like d review... id strt my own collectn ov dark lippies too...
    tnx 4 d pibona lippie too... :)

  4. I love this post! And omg the lippies don't look scary on you at all,contrary to my belief in dark colored lipsticks. The darker the berry the sweeter the jiuce! Nice!

  5. Oh yes!!! You always bring it. B-)
    Great job again.

  6. Beautiful is yay name....wonderful is the lipsticks....u were looking soft no mean look at all....Guess u just cant put up a mean face...Niceee

  7. fiikii Banks09 April, 2013

    Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy,I don't do much of dark lippies but now I fink ama give em a try....Goodjob sis.the darker the berry loto

  8. I agree with the other person! You ALWAYS bring it! At this rate we will spend all our money on makeup *arrrgh*

  9. U just alwys encourage dark sistas like me to go out of their comfort zones!!!
    Av made a list:-)
    Lovely post!!!

  10. I'm new around here and I'm so glad I've found this husband actually found it.great work!!!

    1. yay! welcome! glad he did and glad you like it!

  11. so glad i stumbled across dis site as imma make up crazie. def hooked here. and u do a superb work. where o earth has this blog been. instagram name plz!

  12. I read dis post and thought to myself" can I ever use dark lipsticks"? Cos I'm always on red or orange lipsticks.
    So this afternoon I was checking out my sister's makeup bag and stumbled upon a dark purple/brownish lipstick. Tried it on and *gasps* I totally loved it. The name on it ADS lipstick and my sis got it for 100 bucks in a supermarket. Its very deep, rich and non matte. Also very long lasting. Wish I could show it to y'all but dnt know how to do that. Dark lippies are Def my new fav as I'm heading oUt to the supermarket tomorrow.
    Thanks Olu for the nudge. Some nice things do come cheap!

    1. Bless your heart darl! I'll be on the look out for that brand!

  13. Dark lips are very tricky because they will make you look years older especially the dark brown shades!! If I ever decide to wear dark shades, I would go all the way to the darkest possible shades like blue black or the darkest berry shade. This way, it is a very distinct gothic look as opposed to just looking older than I am.

  14. My fave shades on you are the first 2. I don't think the rest are flattering but if you like them then that is all that matters.

  15. I do have the Island beauty only because I'm afraid of use plain red and a friend asked me to mix red and d hot chocolate brown to tone it down, ‎thankss Salewa for this review ill try out thr hot chocolate on its own and seee how it goes!

  16. I do have the Island beauty only because I'm afraid of use plain red and a friend asked me to mix red and d hot chocolate brown to tone it down, ‎thankss Salewa for this review ill try out thr hot chocolate on its own and seee how it goes!


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