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Hello Cupcakes!!

I apologize for the lack of posts. Omosalewa has been under the weather, and i'm just only getting better. Infact as I type, I must not be caught behind the computer, but I love you guys so.....

I'm back with Cheap and Cheerful!! Based on the response and enquiries I got from the last post in this series, I had to bring something your way again! Today I shall be talking about Miss Rose 3-in-1 wet eyeshadows.

Now if you are a makeup artist or an upcoming makeup artist it is more likely than not, you've heard about Miss Rose. Their huge palettes are already gaining a serious cult following, I'm going to show you guys some other time. Anyway, a friend who's also a makeup artist told me about these particular 3-in-1 sets, about how good and pigmented they are and since they are cheap at twice the price, I got them.

Lets get to the review

I got these two sets last year and I'd buy some more if I saw different shades. They come in trios,-three different colored eyeshadows.

The first shade is numbered 01

It consists of a champagne brown, reddish brown and a deep brown. The eyeshadows have a metallic finish, not matte or satin at all, so they tend to dazzle.

 They are very VIVID and pigmented, Infact they meant 'wet' when they named the products 'wet eyeshadows'.

I swatched them WITHOUT a primer or base and you can see how vivid and dense and pigmented they look

The second set is a pink combination with three pink shades.

Funny story behind this....coincidentally, I had been looking for a particular pink shade, so I bought different palettes and stuff, but I just didn't get it. I got this eyeshadow without even knowing the pink shade I had always wanted was in this trio, until I swatched it and looked at it for real. Never underestimate where you can find that thing you are looking for, sometimes it's just there, hidden in plain and cheap sight!  Amen?, Amen! ( Ok, I  would like to collect offering for the sermon I just gave, who will carry the basket, who will lead us in praise and worship?!)

There's a white shimmery shade, a shimmery baby pink and a shocking pink. The shocking pink is what I was looking for.

I created a quick look with the 01 shade...

VERY VERY VERY pigmented
Long lasting
Easily obtainable
Beautiful shades

FALL out (just like some Sleek eyeshadows)
You need a good base and primer for these colors to stick.
You could find a shade that is not as pigmented as the rest.

USING THIS PRODUCT (Extra tips for using this product if you want to get one, or you already own one)

DON'T even think of using sponge applicators to apply this, use a good eyeshadow brush
Use a concealer, primer, moisturizer or lipbalm as base before applying
Possibly, dampen your brush before packing on color, this just makes it stick more and prevent excessive fallout

Price aside, this is a good product. We always have to use primers and bases and whatnot for the good and expensive eyeshadows, so you won'be doing extra. I'd recommend this for any makeup lover who doesn't want to shell out the big bucks but wants VIVID,PIGMENTED and metallic finish eyeshadows, for those owanbes or nights out! For makeup artists, it isn't a bad addition to your kit, seeing as you won't be spending much, that copper shade you have been looking for might be included in these sets!
Would I purchase again? YES!

PRICE: N200!!

I got mine at one of the stalls in Eko Market, Marina, Lagos Island. I'm VERY sure I got it less than N200, I can't just remember the exact amount, so if you get it for N200 you won't be so far off!

Hope you enjoyed the review!

Makeup Lovers, ShopOlumakeovers has a new page, with products in store listed with their prices, descriptions and an 'add to cart'' system for easy orders. Pibona makeup which I reviewed here some weeks ago is in stock. Be sure to check out their amazing products. Also ALL Zaron products are available, also  makeup brushes, facial scrubs, masks, primers etc are available, just click HERE .Delivery within and outside Lagos is also available, be sure to check the page and browse through for delivery rates, how to order and what have you!

You can also check out the guest article I wrote for YCFOnline Blogspot! Its about ways you can spice up your makeup looks without splurging or breaking your purse. Click HERE to read. Be sure to follow YCFOnline. She has the most exciting shopping deals, giveaways,events etc... you'd definitely love her blog!

Thank you guys for reading!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Wow...nice colors from Miss Rose....Welcome back oby

  2. That Igbo Girl24 April, 2013

    Nice set of palettes..would really love to have dem...

  3. I love it! Missed u tho.

  4. I av never tried sharp lip colors and eye shadow at dsame time, do u think its possible?

  5. Pls wot lipstick did you use on ur lips here?

  6. Plz Salewa could u do a post on Concealer/the art of highlighting the face. Highlighting just makes ur face alive in a different kind of way. Plz teach us. Tnks in advance

  7. Anonymous11 June, 2013

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    a plethora of lifestlye, dining and entertainment.the interlace

  8. Dear Salewa, u r d bomb.jst came across ur blog now n ur handwrks r so fabulous so I liked ur fb page immediately. I'm a mk up lover n wld wnt u to pls tk us on a step to Step tutorials on contouring,concealers and highlighting. Tnkz a lot n kp doing wt u knw hw to do(makeup) best.


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