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Hello Lovies!! How was your weekend??

I almost missed the Red Carpet of the AMVCAs, I just logged onto Twitter and I saw the guys on my TL ooohhing and aaaahing about Genevieve Nnaiji, her hotness and of course her side boob  *men sha*!! I was so angry at myself for missing that, when I tuned in, I met Funmi Holder being interviewed by Denrele ( I have no idea how people can NOT love that guy!!), followed by Rita Dominic who looked beauuutiful!

I most definitely enjoyed the show, and it wasn't bad in my opinion being the first time and all, I know the next one is going to be super cool ( May we live to see that, amin!)

As expected some people turned up the heat and well, some didn't! Genevieve Nnaji ( YES OF COURSE!)  who wowed in two outfits, Rita, Karen (yes I loved her dress), Osas Ighodalo ( *bows*) Jocelyn Dumas and so on...but I'm not here to discuss the fashion aspect, let's leave that to the BellaNaijarians!! 

Ok let's talk MAKEUP!


 Gene wore a this white ensemble ( Victoria Beckham-isque!) that got a lot of people talking! It was daring, it was fab, it was classy, and I loved it!! This was the makeup she was sporting with her first outfit. All I can say is I love this makeup! Like I mentioned in a previous post, Genevieve looks best in subdued subtle colors and this is no exception, Brows look beautiful, foundation in place, cool lips, TOP MARKS!

For her 2nd look, she wore a stunning stunning bright yellow dress (April by Kunbi)..I know Gene's color is black (#teamblack) but this yellow color takes nothing from her! The makeup here is one of the best looks for me, the dress was the centre of attention, no clashes, no competition with the face, nothing, as it should be! Simple jewellery, beautiful nail color. Less is definitely more people!! TOP MARKS! I'm so sad she didn't win in her category, oh well *shrugs* She is still THE star!!


I heart Rita Dominic's makeup look. Obviously done by a professional. The highlight is beautiful, it gives her that beautiful glow. Seeing as her dress is cool toned, the eyes played a little which i love! I love how she also opted for cool lips, having only the lips stand out, with red or orange or pink, would have not given that cool and calm effect this has IMO. This dress, is not my cup of tea actually, I know most people liked it, but the fabric, naaah for me, and the seams were kind of pulling..well me I dont know sha. But she looked beauuutiful no doubt!! TOP MARKS!


*Sigh* Steph! Her haircut is really cool and her makeup looks simple and fresh, no mask like look, no cake...errm but  that's about it..Let the Joan Rivers of Nigeria handle the rest because, well me I don't know sha!


I don't know who this girl is, but DAMN!! SHE NAILED EVERYTHING!! Who wears a spaghetti strap (*cringes*) dress and still looks gorge, THIS GIRL!! Lovely dress, banging body, lovely side swept hair, good makeup....SHEEEEEEEET!!! She is definitely one of my best dressed. I love how her makeup was infused with color, colorful eyes and lips which contrasted the cool tone color of her dress beautifully! TOP MARKS!!


Sulia kan! I love this dress and how she her red purse made her overall look pop! The thinks with this beautiful beautiful dress she should have done a dark smokey eye, without so much color, I mean the purse is already working! It's not like she is doing an engagement party or something..the makeup in itself is good, but I don't think it compliments the outfit!!


Did you guys watch her presentation with Denrele?!! I loved it!! And the way she spoke her Yoruba?!!! GOOD GIRL!!!! Anyway, i think she nailed it with her makeup, print dress, heavy earrings, GORGE purse, red sandals, obviously something had to take the back seat!! There was color quite alright but I think the subtlety of the makeup made it work! She looked good, simples!!


I love a girl that can rock dark lips!! I looovvvve!!! This makeup on its own is good! For that gothic vampy look it is definitely good! ( the highlight above the brows could have been less harsh and obvious though)!  That being said, where did Linda think she was going to with this outfit??? Apapa Amusement Park? Like cammmmaaaaan!!! This makeup could have DEFINITELY worked with maybe a super sexy black long dress, with long sleeves, tight ponytail or updo, chunky neck piece with no earrings..I think that would have been fab, different, daring and really cool!! But this whole ensemble, is not werking for me *nana's voice*


This might be the best look I've seen from Karen..the dress is gorgeous, although that chest area leaves nothing to the imagination, but that is her selling point,she has identified it, and she is rocking it!! (don't squeeze ya face, have you identified ya selling point?? hehehe!#GoKaren. Makeup is not bad, red lips, cool eyes for the win!! I would have liked to see a little more contouring for that chiseled look, but I can't fault this, she looks fab!


Please if you have any words to describe this whole look, makeup, hair, dress, please feel free to email me errm because I have no words. That would be all.


I love Efya with all my heart!! I really do! She is one of those few that can actually sing GOOD songs!! Her makeup looked good, not bad at all! I think we are past the era of Bad Foundation and powder in Africa ( please minus my dear Yoruba actresses..those ones are masters at mismatching foundation) I won't say much about her outfit because I don't really understand it, so I really cant say it looked good with the makeup,  but who saw her perform?? That dress, HOT!!


Lovely Lovely Makeup! I love how the eyes have pink tones just like her dress, with nude lips!! Class and sophistication!! Less is more!! enough said!!


The makeup is glam! Toke looked like she was ready to go have a good time!! There is nothing not to like here for me, the makeup obviously brought that outfit to life! I love!


I always almost love everything Ugonna! what i like most about her is how she rocks her ''lepa figure''! She doesn't disappoint on the red carpet!! I love how she played down her eyes, and gave her lips a little bit of va va voom!! The outfit obviously was speaking life ( don't you just love the skirt?!!!), The lips complimented it well! Her updo also brought out her facial features and her makeup! I think if she had let her hair down, with this makeup, it would have been a tad too much, but I think this updo just did a fab job! TOP MARKS!!

I'm not even surprised about how elegant Jocelyn looks, right from the days she used to host THE ONE SHOW in Accra, her makeup and outfits have always been top notch!! As usual, she didn't disappoint!! Jocelyn played the beautiful bride in LYNX fine fine lady music video!! And that her behind, her behind, her legendary behind, her awesome behind......ha! Africa I hail thee!!


Other looks spotted at the AMVCA pre-award brunch....

I love this , I love this, although the makeup artist in me would have loved to see some gradient effect on the eyes, but this is cool!! the dark eyes and matte red lips ( I see MAC rubywoo) absolutely compliment her outfit!! Her under eye highlight looks kind of ashy to me, but I love it still!

I'm just hoping that one day one day one day, someone would tell these Yoruba actresses that BOX eyebrows, wrong foundation shade, ororo (oil) dripping lips are not in vogue!! Georgina here is guilty of the Box eyebrow but everyother thing looks okay to me..

I loveeeeee it when I see CLEAN and TIDY makeup looks like this!! This is just simple, neat and nice!!  Good brows, eyeliner, subtle lips, subtle blush, 10/10. although I would have loved to see red lips, for that power look, but i think this is just fine!!

Box Eyebrows again!! smh!

Fresh, clean, simple, classy! Beautiful under the eye highlight, not too harsh and well blended! Suitable for a breakfast/brunch event! Gene's makeup team is really doing a fantastic job I must say!! 

can you spot what is wrong with Linda's makeup?!!

All in all, I think I'm impressed with the makeup looks, our starts, well most of our stars are starting to realize the importance of professional makeup. Image goes a long way in their industry, their style which includes putting a good face forward is so vital, it could bring them endorsements and all sorts.

Take Kim Kardashian as an example, I know girls that don't like her one bit (For the record, I love this girl but that is mata for another day) but still watch her, search for her just for her outfit and makeup. The art of contouring and highlighting has been around for ages, since the days of Egyptian women actually, but Kim Kardashian made it popular, no doubt! She has also made her makeup artist Mario, and the BEN NYE Banana Powder popular! I won't be surprised if she is soon made the face of Ben Nye powders! She made a book with make-up artist Scott Barnes (more money!), so now all the girls want to contour!!

Another example is her sister, Kourtney! The sales of MAC So Chaud lipstick sky rocketed after she started wearing it on their show. People started asking what lipstick she was wearing, a gorgeous bright reddish orange!

 Russian Red is the top selling Red Lipstick from MAC.  It was launched in the 80’s and in 1986 Madonna proclaimed it being her favorite red lipstick which AUTOMATICALLY made a hit and a top seller.

Rihanna and MAC just announced her own line of MAC products RIRI-WOO...We all know Rihanna looks amazing all the time, and she thinks outside the box when it comes to makeup!

So yeah all these things do matter!!

Who were your best and worst dressed at the event?
Who do you think had the best and worst makeup??

Let's get talking girls!!

Photo Credits:, MNET, BellaNaija,, Instagram

Your Comrade in Beauty,


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  1. I can honestly say I have missed your blog! Now, Linda Ejiofor no no no, she looks like an evil witch, lmaaaao @ Jakie Apiah..loool you are wicked! Rita dominic had the best look for me, but I also don't agree with that dress! Awesome post! Hope you do more of this red carpet looks

  2. Genevieve's dress was indecent .. This is Africa not america or europe . And by the way how come none of the ladies wore an African attire ? These ladies are all fake .

  3. Genevieve rocks anyday anytime,simple but yet classy,@rita what were u tinking wen u went for that fabric ur facial look saved u though, @steph great hairdo and slight makeup tho.@blacklips mistress that wasn't the ideal venue for that look.@jackie appiah *smh* @lilian esoro love ya outfit and neckpiece. @toke looked gorgeous too.. nice writeup...keep it up doll.

  4. Linda def looked funny!shame cos she'sooo pretty!Gene actually kinda dissapointed me sha,I love her sooo much and trust me,I expected better!Rita I hate her dress but love the make-up!!
    Karen's dress is to die for!!but the top......
    Best make-up I tink goes to Dolapo Oni,Toke and Rita!den Gene's make-up with the white dress!
    As for d brunch, dat simple looking lady with the braids!!!I love!
    Lovely post Shalewa :-)

  5. Rita's makeup was done by Maryjane 4 Zaron.
    Toke makinwa's makeup was done by siran faces.

    Oh well dey all looked good....execpt for the BOX eyebrows....loool

    Jakie Apiah emmmmrrr *lips sealed* its obvious she made herself up buh emmmmrrr *nottalking*

    Y dint u feature my sexy OMOTOLA ehen sista sis Shally..ama ja o!

  6. Genny, rita, funke , jocelynand dolapo looked great.
    This is d best i've seen funlola aofiyebi raimi look sha.
    Jackie appiah looks like she just came out of volta river, very tacky*rme*...
    Osas ighodalo i love u and d dress but u look like a pumpkin with a bad hair :*

  7. Nawa for all the people that said, Genny's boobs was sagging. Her boobs might sag in real life , she's had a child and she is not sweet sixteen. But in this picture for this event I SEE NO BOOBS SAGGING! I think she could have looked better, they ALL could have looked better, but the fact that she stepped out of her black fad, wore something daring and different, showed us her cleavage w/o looking trashy...she nailed it! And for those complaining about not being African...Her first dress was by Bridget Awosika, Second by April by Kunbi, Rita's by Moofah, Omotola by Ejiro amos Tafiri, ALL NIGERIAN DESIGNERS!! Maybe until you see them with Aso Oke on the Red Carpet till you accept it is African? Do you wear aso oke to work? Or Anakara shirt everyday of the week? Africans we like pitying ourselves.."ah it is not African, An African decent lady should not show boobs" aaahh for the love of god take a back seat! ...

    P.S I'm sorry for ranting! I love your blog! please publish this comment!

  8. First tym in a long tym I dnt totally agree wiv genny 100persnt, Rita naild it all 2ru 4 me, d online pictures dint do justice 2 her cloth, watching d show gain @ d mo n she's 1 of d best. Karen I love die,even wiv d boobs out, she does not look trashy. Funke akindele shld go see 1 of d doctors of 90210. I rest my case. Joke of life

  9. 'box eyebrow' lol..see Tura soap all over her. Weldone Shali

  10. I think rita's outfit was nice combined with her make-up, genevieve wasn't looking bad either;she was looking simple yet classy with her make-up. I think they all look gud 4 a 1st tym event. Btw, I love your blog:*

  11. I think Genny look wonderful! Her dresses....her makeup....ON POINT!

    This is off-topic, but please, does anyone know the name of that lady with the powerful voice who performed that beautiful song? *lousy description...i know*

    1. EFYA!! She's up there in one of the pictures. she's also a Ghanian

  12. Ororo *lwkm....@anonymous(aso-oke gown,red carpet..buhahahaha).. totally agree wit u..ppl b complainin a lot abt not bin african...smh!...dey al look goooooddd,except 4 som of em(tink jackie has fashion issues,frm her hairdo in movies to her dress sense,hop she gets betr somday) .... Gene rockssssssssssss!! (Y)...nice blog @omosalewa..welldone!

  13. Gene is jus d bomb, and am so much in luv wif rita's makeup....muah,nd as for jackie,am high disappointed,tot she culd do beta...

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