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Hello guys!! Thank God It's Friday!!! whoop!

Today is battle day on the MakeUpTales! A battle between two lipsticks I recently discovered had ridiculous similarities! I'm talking about MAC Candy Yum-Yum and our very own Zaron Sweet kiss!! I'm so excited about this because, it is an international, widely known, old brand vs a  new Nigerian makeup brand!! Ok, lets get to it!!


MAC Candy Yum-Yum is part of the MAC-BY-REQUEST series. It is high in demand and very scarce. It is almost always SOLD OUT on the MAC websites. It just got added to the permanent line, so I hope we find it more often!  It is described as a bright, neon, blue-based pink with a matte finish. Though it is matte, it is not as dry as Ruby-Woo. It applies opaquely and it highly pigmented. Because it has a matte finish, it has a good staying power. If you have dry lips like me, you have to moisturize before using this, just like all matte lippies.
Packaging is sleek and sturdy as usual, with the normal vanilla scent. Great application, buildable, doesn't transfer easily, it is all what you would expect from a great MAC lipstick


 This is described as a matte moisturizing lipstick. I would personally describe this is a true pink. It has more pink undertones than blue..which makes it just a TEENY WEENY BIT lighter than MAC Candy yum yum! It is Matte but drier than the MAC Candy Yumyum but not as dry as RubyWoo because it doesnt tug at the lips. The packaging could be better, but at the price you really can't complain! The scent..hmm. is not my cup of tea..I think it is supposed to be fragrance free, but still has some sort of subtle scent I don't like, but it isn't bad at all. It has a good staying power, applies well, great texture and very buildable

Side by side.. the similarity is scary!
I swatched these two babies..

MAC Candy yum yum

Zaron sweet kiss

You see how I didn't layer the lipstick and they both look faint? This is why I dont like pink lipsticks. If i try to layer on w/o using a lip liner, lool you'll run away from me.. they just don't flatter me, they make my lips look bigger...the only pink lipstick I feel safe with right now is MAC's Girl About Town!

They are both bright eye catching pinks
They are both matte
The both contain 3g of product
They both have great pigmentation, texture, staying power and application

Candy yumyum has a sweet vanilla scent, Sweet Kiss' scent isn't as sweet
Sweet Kiss is a bit drier/matter than candy yumyum
Candy Yum Yum is more expensive ( at about N3,800-4500) while Sweet Kiss is less expensive (at about 1500-2200)


I wont be crowning the Candy Yum yum king in this post, though I'll reach for it  more than Zaron Sweet Kiss ONLY  because, it is not as dry. If you don't have dry lips, this wouldn't be a problem at all!! If you are looking to save some money, but still want that fabulous look.. yeah you know the Zaron Sweet Kiss is a good option!!

Hope you enjoyed this review!!

I'm an official distributor of Zaron, so you can contact me if you are looking to purchase this lipstick
The last time I checked,  most sites and even the MAC store at the Ikeja mall,  didnt have the Candy yum yum.... I usually get most of my MAC lipsticks ( esp the scarce and the limited edition ones) at THE WOW FACTOR STUDIO by Remi'Leimu! They stock a very wide range of ORIGINAL Mac products and other brands at good prices..You can reach them at: 08057775749.

That's it guys!

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Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. cute.. dy look like same to me tho! :) packaging n fragrance is not my problem lol... I love cheap :D

  2. Nice Nice Nice review!! Really Nice!

  3. Hmmm na real war o!!
    Buh I'd go for Zaron sweet Pink.

  4. Lol @ d 'I love cheap'... Nice review tho n m yt to lay my hands on ds candy yum yum :(..

  5. I do have the Zaron sweet kiss, and candy yum is included in my mac lipsticks to get..I checked at Ikeja mall, but they didn't have. I think I'll just rest now..lool thanks for this!

    1. Lol at í'll just rest now' ...thank you too x

  6. Mehn I can't use them o!!I'd look scary!!!

    1. Me too! Neon lippies are not it for me at all. They make my lips look massive and as though they don't belong on my face.

    2. I totally understand what you guys mean!! But nothing a darker colored lip liner cannot do!!

  7. i will def go for the zaron sweet kiss,, it has this not too shouty look unlike the MAC...but both are cool...

  8. Nice review thanks to you I have the sweetkiss

  9. Just stumbled on your blog...and I must say I love it! Your pictures are beautiful! I'll be stalking it from now! Nice!

    1. Stalking is encouraged....hehe! bless x

  10. Lovely review. Na only God go bless you for showing us gehs d way. Lol. Pls can u do a review about best lip colors for different skin tones. I know its going to be a wide range bt pls. Would really love that. Thanks.

  11. Yaaaaaay! Tnx sweetie for the mention! Wow factor by 'Remi 'Leimu appreciates your blog & patronage. Xxx.


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