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Hey Guys!!

I was at the Sleek+Jumia Fashion Sale event that was held at the Sleek Studios, Victoria Island Lagos. If you don't know Jumia.com ( oya crawl out from that heavy rock you've been sleeping under and click here) it used to be Kasuwa.com . It is one of Nigeria’s leading retail online stores. They have the widest selection of  products..from cell phones, games, home appliances to clothings, makeup, books, and what have you! They partnered up with Sleek Studios, to unveil their newly designed and refurbished studios, and also to showcase their newest products. Pictures when you continue...

designer sunglasses at the Jumia stand

Shoes at the Jumia stand

Male apparel at the Jumia stand

Ladies bag at the Jumia Stand
  Fashion Show

The Fashion show showcased models wearing items such as clothes, shoes accesories from Jumia.com, with makeup and hair by Sleek!


This is what you see as soon as you enter the Sleek Studio.
The new sleek studio has been designed with a beautiful array  of pictures of their new weaves

The hair stand
 Sleek has added new and beautiful remi weaves to their hair collection. They might be a favourite already as most people walked with packs of hair!

body creams in the new skincare range

The new fragrances from Sleek
Unfortunately I didnt test these fragrances so I cant say much about the scents, but the packaging looks beautiful!

Beautiful people at the event....

I was gifted the lightening skin care range from the new Signature Studio Series!! So kind of them! a lot of people went home with this gift so I guess we will be having numerous reviews soon *yay*

I've been using these products since Saturday  so far so good...I'll do a FULL review, when I've used it for at least a week...just to be sure I won't get any allergic reactions from it...because my skin is very sensitive. I'm really excited about this because this is the first Nigerian skin are range I've been  be using, and again I cant wait to see the results, because it was created by the MD of Sleek, Dr. Ebele. She is a medical doctor and a dermatologist!! Yeah so, cant wait!!

NB: For those of us familiar with online stores like Jumia, I think it isn't new knowledge that a lot of customers expressed dissatisfaction about Jumia's service around late last year. I actually haven't shopped with them this year because of the last bad experience I had with them..prior to that their delivery time was ok, and customer service was also good. Anyways, I had to rant and rant and rant to one of their officials there, and he kept assuring me that things had changed, they were more organised, customer service had been restored to its glory days and all that..he sounded convincing and sincere (since he didn't try to deny or defend heir shortcomings!) They have some Sleek products I've been trying to get for some time, so i'll be trying them out again!!

So that's it guys!! Hope you enjoyed reading!!

* I have a VS post ( between an International brand and a Nigerian brand) coming up this week, you don't want to miss it!!
* MAC lovers check out this Jumia link for their amazing MAC collection at amazing prizes...my jaw actually dropped when I saw some prices...I was like ehn? Is this the same Jumia I know??!!

Have any of you guys heard about the new sleek skincare series?
Have you used it?? What are your views??
Have you tried any other product from the new Sleek signature Series collection?
Have any of you shopped with Jumia.com, do tell about your shopping experience!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Nice one.
    N.B. Jumia was formerly known as Sabunta (believe me I remember them very well)

    1. Sabunta.com was more of fashion and Kasuwa.com was more of general merchandise ..they sort of merged to create the mega online retail store, Jumia! So i guess it was from Sabunta to Kasuwa to Jumia!

      Thanks for reading x

  2. Shally i must confess U̶̲̅ must be selfish 4 not inviting U̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ blog readers so we too can benefit frm d giveaways, i love awoof tins so permit to talk lik Đα̲̅τ̲̅ buh ℓS̶̲̥̅ next time derz an occasion lik Đα̲̅τ̲̅ kindly invite us fanks wink wink

    1. looool! ha! I did hear about the event late, so I couldn't do I post! Be sure to that more often! thanks for reading!

  3. Funny I've never had problems with Jumia. Hmmm these Sleek products are you sure they will work??

    Great blog!

  4. I missed the event physically bt this just d best compensation
    Thanks Olu welldone dear

  5. Really love readin from here u sure summarized all. Good work dear.Thumps up*


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