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Hello peoples!

I'm introducing a new feature on The Makeup Tales today, its called MEET THE the name implies, it is about knowing all there is to know about an old or new brand on the market, the different products they have to offer, availability, prices and reviews. 

Featuring today, is Nigeria's very own Zaron Makeup and Hair, owned by Oke Maduewesi. I think it's been around since 2011 but i started using Zaron in 2012, and I haven't looked back since then. Their products are water based which is fantastic because of the weather here in Nigeria.The products are definitely high quality and very very VERY affordable!

 I went to their studio sometime last week to make some enquiries....look at the jewels I found..

Zaron  Makeup offers a WIDE range of products such as Foundation, Powder, Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipbalm Eyeshadow, Blush, Eye and Lip pencils, Kajal, Mascara, Eyeliner, Brow filler


Here are some personal reviews on some of the products!

 Eye and Lip pencils are great! They are reaching legendary status among Nigerian makeup artists these days! The lip liners can also be used as full lipsticks! I used the Red Vine lip liner in the red lip tutorial

As you can see, these pencils are VERY pigmented and they glide on so easily. They are treasures!


Zaron Lipsticks come in 5 shades..Tonee Red which i absolutely love, Sweet Kiss, Pretty Pink and TinkyWinky!! They are very pigmented, buildable and matte, which gives it a good staying power and longevity

Zaron Eyeshadows are available in Duo ,Trio and Quad palettes, Eyeshadow and blush palettes, baked eyeshadow trio palettes. As a makeup artist and lover these are must haves! the palette is great for individual use as u you have about 10 eye colors and 2 blushes . The eye colors are VERY pigmented as you can see (just a swipe!) and they don't crease. Smooth application, great texture., awesome price, really what else do you want?!!  I swatched the eyeshadows on their own and without any primer.

Plum Rose

The Element


This is a winner all day, everyday! I used it in the brow tutorial post and as many people can testify, it is a great product!


The Arabian Night Kajal is one of this brand's best seller...It is BLACK, smudge proof and  waterproof. It's staying power is amazing, Infact you might need a makeup wipe to get this bad boy off! It lasts ALL day. You should definitely try out this one!


This is a must have for me. After using about 3 different pen liners from different brands, i gave up until i tried this. The others I used in the past used to over run, 'float' like eleganza pen back in the day (who remembers?). So i tried this out and wow! The felt tip is really firm. the liquid comes out just in the right quantity. The packaging is is just a great product. If you've had problems using eyeliners in the past, you should try is as easy as just drawing a line, like you are using a pen. If you are a cat eyeliner style lover like me, you should definitely get this! Great bang for the buck!

Would I recommend Zaron products?? OH YES!  If you want to get value for your money, this is the train to hop on because they are quite affordable and the quality is superb!! So good I had to become an official distributor..yeah that's right you can shop ALL ZARON products at OluMakeovers, just send me a mail, or go the the Shop Olumakeovers  page  and drop a comment!

I decided to do a quick look with Zaron products:
I only did a part, hence the covering :)

EYES: Zaron Baked Eyeshadow in Moonshine, Zaron black velvet pencil as eyeliner, Zaron Kajal, Zaron Voluminizing Mascara
BROWS: Zaron eye brow pencil in Brownie, Zaron concealer, Zaron Eyebrow filler
LIPS: Zaron Lipstick in Sweet Kiss and Zaron luxurious lipgloss in 24 karat
Face: Zaron Foundation and Powder from the FaceBook, Blush from the Autumn Springs eyeshadow+blush palette

So that's it guys! Have you used any Zaron products? If you have what do you think? What are you favorite products?

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Never used any of their products, looks good on u :)love the tonee red lipstick

  2. Sigh!!My homegirl is killed this one again...
    I'll order mine asap
    Welldone boo

  3. Grrrrr...that tonee red looks hot! And I've heard so much about their kajal.I'm trying it out for sure! Great post!

    1. Their kajal is wonderful, you should def. try it out! Thanks for reading x

  4. Awesome to see swatches of those Lipsticks! Great post!xx

  5. Ok, i'm def buying the 'Plum Rose' duo eyeshadow and their kajal.

    I use Zaron lipliners and brow pencils....they are oh so creamy! I can't stop raving about them.

    I also use their brow powder/filler, and it's really nice.

    I got their creme-to-powder foundation, but i didn't really like it... so i'll rather stick to my Mary Kay foundations for now till i find another one i like better.

    Great review dear!

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  7. Anonymous16 May, 2013

    this is such a great blog, me love it! wld try this products. Love u shally!!

  8. Nice post hun! I'd really like u to fill me in on which of their foundation I could buy...creme to powder or...

  9. How do i get the products, am a professional make up artist. Do you you have a store in lagos?

  10. I'm just loving your posts ! Geez! Babes you are so on point !
    As for the Zaron pencils they are AWeeeesomeeee! Anyways I've got a cosmetic shop in Lagos ,Hopefully I should send u an invite for a review... Wink *i hope you will come.

  11. I'm just loving your posts ! Geez! Babes you are so on point !
    As for the Zaron pencils they are AWeeeesomeeee! Anyways I've got a cosmetic shop in Lagos ,Hopefully I should send u an invite for a review... Wink *i hope you will come.

  12. I love zaron products especially the eye shadow palette in showstopper (I love the name "showstopper"lol and the colours in it are vibrant)
    the liquid eye liner is a NO for me


  13. I am obliged for the blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing...

    Eyeshadow Primer

  14. Hi... where do I find the products in South Africa?


Your comment would mean so much!! x