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Hello lovies! I'm back with the 2nd valentine look as promised! If you didn't see the first look click here

This one is for the pink lovers. It is a very girly look with transitions of pink eye colors, pink blush and pink lips with heavily lined eyes. Also very easy to do! Just play with your pink eye colors and remember blending is key!

So here's the look!


All eye colors from my blush 120 palette and miss rose palette
Zaron intense pen liquid liner
Zaron arabian nights kajal
YSL mascara volume effet faux cils in high density black

Black Opal Stick foundation in black suede
MAC Studio Fix in NW50
Pink shade blush from Ushas duo blush palette
Black Opal Color Blush in Valentine (how apt!)


Sleek Twist Up pencil in Pink Rose
Revlon Matte lipstick in Stormy Pink
Maybelline Wet Shine lipgloss in Liquid Lilac

Yep that's it! I hope this has helped someone! I had so much fun doing these looks and i hope to do more themed series!

As for the giveaway (I haven't forgotten!) , there will be 2 winners (yes 2, it is the season of love aye?) and about 3 questions. The first two people to answer those questions correctly, and fit these criteria (  like our facebook page and follow us on twitter @themakeuptales.) will emerge as winners. One of the giveaway prizes will be one of my favourite makeup products ( i know you have already guessed right!). Anyway make sure you check back, the post will go up at exactly 12 p.m on saturday!
 Also don't forget to browse through the Shop Olumakovers page for new products in stock!

Thank you guys so much for the love!

Go out and enjoy your valentine's day (yours truly might be home alone watching Dexter!) and remember it is all about love!

Happy Valentine people!!!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. I would totally rock this look because I'm a lover of pink! I can't wait for the giveaway, I know there will be lipstick loool nice post!

  2. wow wow wow.....i think i love this look more.....definitely gonna be among the winners...*zooms off to facebook and twitter*

  3. I MUST WIN O!! I don't know which look I prefer..they are both giving me life! Thanks for the awesome posts!

  4. Rily Nice look despite d fact I don't rily like pink!!!pls quick question thou,dyu use liquid liner on ur lower lid or jst d upper one?!thank u + Giveaways!!!!I can't wait :)

    1. Hi dear, i use liquid liners just for my upper lashline, for my lower lash line i use kohl pencils or kajal! thanks for reading

  5. Lovely!!But how do I get my lip as nice as yours in the picture hv got broken lip more lk dry
    Thank you

  6. I love this look :* it's just that when i wear eye liner my eyes itch, is there a way i can use it without having itchy eyes?

    1. some people react to water proof eyeliner and mascara ( which usually contains isododecane), which make their eyes scratchy...if you have been using such, try and look for an eyeliner that doesn't contain that ingredient

      you could also be having itchy eyes due to abrasion, where the product gets into your eyes, without you knowing. using the right tools and the right amount of eyeliner should prevent this

      lastly, if you have been using liquid eyeliner for your inner rim, water lashine, you should stop it and use pencils and kajals

      hope this helps x

  7. I have been following ur blog 4 awhile now buh I don't drop comments,all I do is read thru and learn,I'm an upcoming MUA and u inspire me a lot thanks so much and keep doing ur thing.I'd like 2 win one of ur goody pack buh I'm not on twitter,can I take part?
    I'd check bk leta!
    Much love*kisses*

    1. hi omotola, thanks for the kind words. since you are not on twitter, you can follow this blog with your blogger account!

    2. Kindly ffb @hormotallar.


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