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Hey people!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! Today's post is a new feature MAKE-ME-LIKE. It's about about getting inspired by a celebrity makeup look and transforming it to suit your face, using similar colors and shades! I would also be accepting pictures from you guys, if you want me to 'duplicate' a look ( it wont be a duplicate as such as facial structures are different, so are techniques)

 For those that know me, it won't come as a surprise that the first celebrity to be featured here is Genevieve Nnaji, she my gurrrrl ( when i say someone is my gurrl please just accept it and don't ask if I really know her or not, thanks!!). I don't want to turn this into a praise fest for G-baby  ( those of us that know her call her G-baby *cough*), but common this babe is beautiful. I love her simplicity, she is never over-done. Very natural, good diction without the 'phoney' (not like some of her counterparts that burst their throat in the process). First time i met her was on the job, back then in 2007..i was so star struck i couldn't move..not until a friend told her I liked her, and that I would love to get a picture. I was supposed to prep her face, but I told our team leader that I couldn't do it..looool.

Back to the post, i chose this makeup look, because this is how Genevieve knows how to shine best...minimalism! Her makeup look here is simple and subtle, with soft smokey eyes and nude lips.

Genevieve has a defined brow bone and was accentuated by really using a bright tone to highlight it.Another thing to note her is the beautiful yet subtle highlight on her nose, forehead and the under eye area. 
Seeing that I have bigger eyes than Genevieve, and a less defined brow bone, i went easy on the highlight, if not it would have overshadowed my entire eye. I also have a smaller area between my brow bone and crease, so i decided to downplay the smokey effect just a little . Remember when you want to copy a makeup look, put into account the different eye features, and work with what you have! So here is what I came up with...

If you dont want that harsh smokey look, you can blend it out, for a softer look like this!

 You know cameras have minds of their own right? Some days your first shot gives you just what you want, other days, you could take up to 50 shots before you get a half good picture. Lucee was really acting up that day..I couldn't get the type of pictures I wanted...well I had to use my blackberry camera, and that too was meh..I managed to get an ok shot
Here you can see the highlight on the bro bone and the subtle cheeks


Fashion Fair E/S in Golden Chestnut for highlight and lid
Black Opal E/S in Fudge, Port, Clove and for crease
Black Opal E/S in Onyx for outer 'V'
Zaron Knight Rider Intense Liner
Zaron Arabian Knight Kajal for inner rim
Cover Girl Megablast Mascara
#6 Ultima II Tawnys palette for lid


Iman second to none oil free liquid makeup in Earth 5 and Clay 3(for highlight)
Iman Oil blotting powder in Earth Dark
#7 UltimaII Tawnys Palette for contour
Milani Sunset shores bronzer
Black Opal Face Highlighter in Golden Glow (bridge of the nose)
Black Opal Natural Color Blush in Cayenne
Posner Natural Finish Blush in Dorothy


Beauty Forever Creme  Lipstick in Cappuccino
Golden Rose Lipstick in 75
Milani Lipgloss ( the shade name's peeled off :( )

Jordana pencil in Dark Brown
Zaron pencil in Brownie
Zaron eyebrow filler
Black Opal Perfecting Concealer in Bronze

So that's it guys!!

If you haven't, kindly like our facebook page and follow us on twitter @themakeuptales.Dont forget to send me a picture of a look you are inspired by at Also if you want a mini tutorial on how I achieved this look, let me know by saying so in the comment box!

Makeup is fun!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Osheeeee, 1st 2 comment...

  2. That Igbo Girl04 February, 2013

    Nice post>>>Nice makeup...Nice you...

  3. Wow! I like your makeup! So neat! I can't do my own like this *sigh* Lovely blog! Pls keep it up!

  4. u offer training sessions. Don't mind learning how-to...

    1. Yes I do. You can send me a mail. Thanks for reading

  5. Who won't want to look good as the diva herself..Tnx Olu

  6. Pls ooo do dis tutorial!!!am rily rily interested!!

  7. NICE!! You are also pretty, just like genevieve!

  8. Hmmmmm.... Olumakeovers! Grt work!! nyc blog!!!
    I enjoin evri bit of TheMakeupTales.. Tho I ve nt bn commenting buh dere r sum of us who silently gain alot frm ur tutorials which I m one of dem....
    Pls do kip it up.... As dere r many makeovers nw buh dis is quite diff n impressive..... Pls don't stop posting blogs

    1. Thank you so much! Comments are really encouraging as they show that people are reading! much love x

  9. Wanberry baby keep it up we are so proud of be 2day ur luv for Gbaby start oh u look so pretty dear

  10. Madam I just found ur blog n am actually impressed!!good job!n I saw Bisi's pix n jst wanna ask,Did u school @Bowen too?!sorry if am bin too nosy :)
    Pls a tutorial wld rily be nice n dnt eva stop blogging!tanx

    1. LOL no i didnt school in Bowen! thanks for reading!

  11. your make up is amazing

  12. Errrrm, i love Genny, but are finer. I just found your blog, and i'm glad i did. Keep the posts coming jare!, i just bookmarked your blog on my phone so that i won't miss a post.

    By the way, i love the makeover!

  13. Jst found ur blog today..nd can't jst clicking for more...nd besides...u re pretty jst like genny too

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Joke

  14. I've bin to dis countless times bt decided to comment today so ul knw hw ur appreciated. Thumbs up.ur doin great here.

  15. choc_fudge21 April, 2013

    lovely fact, all of em posts are awesome. to have such wonderful skillls and also share as beautiful as you do is a rare quality amongst make up artist. keep it up.

  16. Salewa u rock! Just stumbled on ur blog 2day& am sooooooo in love. Addicted already sef

  17. G-baby, S-baby, u rock dear, nice job, neat n well composed. I just loveeee it. U'v got same facial structure as genny. Muahhhhhhh.

  18. Amazin $ insightful write-up....tnx. I apric8 ur openness $ kind gesture towrds tutorin as well as revealin products used. Love ur work... Flawless $ ecclectic...appears as tho' ntn ws natural. Pls aw can I b an apprentice with yu? 4 a yl... M stil an undergraduate. Kindly reply.tnx


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