HAUL/REVIEW: Mini Jan/Feb Haul!

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Hello guys! Hope you had an amazing week!

Today's post is a haul post, which means i'll be sharing stuff i recently got with you guys, a little bit of review and definitely swatches! So here we go!


I recently bought a few lipsticks. It's no surprise that they make about 70% of this haul! There are 2 types of women in this world...the ones that love lipsticks and the ones that don't! you already know the type I am, right?

I ordered this lipstick from glamour, and on the site, the code was RFR, i just automatically assumed it was "Ruffian". When i got my order statement, it had RSR, which i knew meant Russian Red. I was sad as I have been looking for Ruffian (that's why i had to get that yamayama ruby woo lool). Anyway I called the customer care and a very helpful lady told me it was a mix up and what they had was Russian Red. I was so dissapointed, but i still went ahead with the order. The lady actually said "i'll see what i can do about it" but i paid her no mind! So imagine my surprise when I opened my package and BAM!! this beauty was staring right at me in the face

Boy was I glad or what??

 This lipstick is described as a rich blue red. I love red lipsticks with blue undertones as they give off classic hollywood though i prefer my orange toned reds any day! Ruffian Red they say is a rich blue red, but somehow, somehow, somehow, it comes off as orange toned on me!! win-win!  It is brighter than Russian Red and darker than Lady Danger. Love this one already!

  It is a vibrant, bright orange with a subtle sheen. It is amplified creme finish, though i find that it isnt so moisturizing. It applies well and easily. Unfortunately this lipstick is not forgiving at all, if you've got cracked lips, with lines and all, this lipstick just amplifies that! I definitely have to use a lip liner with this because this bad girl is soooooo bright! If you are transitioning into corals and orange, Vegas Volt could be a better option because this could scare you away..trust me! She a bad girl!


This is a dark reddish purple. It has a satin finish which I absolutely love! Satin finish is my next best to matte finish. They are usually very pigmented and non-drying! Cyber is for the brave seeing as it is dark and it can give you that gothic look. I bought this shade because i was looking for a not so dark reddish purple compared to the ones I have. Really happy with this purchase! 
I'm in that berry, dark lipstick phase, so this will be working hard real soon!

This is a matte deep true red. Think hollywood classic, think this red. It is soooo pigmented and it's staying power is amazing.I'd be reaching for this one often!


This is a matte reddish brown lipstick with a matte finish. I don't know if I've told you guys, but after the reds, browns are my next favourite lipstick color! I love brown, depending on the shade, it appears nude on me. This is definitely an everyday lipstick for me.



I saw this lipstick in a friend's makeup bag and the packaging was what attracted me to it. Black tubes are magnetic, i'm easily attracted to them, I just don't know why! A lippie which doesnt come in a black tube has to be a really great product, so as to justify its placement with the other black beauties, crazy? i think so too! Anyway i was going through her makeup purse, and I saw this, luckily for me she had not used it ( you know when you are begging for makeup and the friend goes, I've used it o..you won't like it..and you are like ehn sha kuku give me like that, i don't mind looool......beggy beggy style). 

 I love this lip color! It is a pinky brown color and it appears so natural. Great thing about it is it has matte finish, higly pigmented, and has a great staying power! I'm definitely getting this lippie in other shades!

Check out the beautiful tube..ah black is beautiful!


 I got sleek lipgloss in two shades, rumour and blased at the sleek studios in Victoria Island. I've been a fan of sleek lipglosses for a while. They are fantastic and are non sticky! their Glossed series also contain SPF which is a great bonus!

L-R: rumor, blased


I also got two false eyelashes. Ardell Glamour lashes in 107 and Boom Natural lashes in 117 at the poise beauty store at the Ikeja mall

So that's it guys!

Good news for all MAC lovers as MAC OPENS their first store at the Ikeja mall. I paid the store a visit last week to check out their prices...really impressive. Their lipsticks go for N3,800 (I haven't bought a Mac lipstick this cheap in Lagos since the days of the N3,250 konga sales! so it is definitely a good thing. All their other products are also priced reasonably  (eyebrow pencils are around N3500) , so you might want to check them out. Days of buying over priced and fake MAC products are over SOMEBODY SHOUT HALLELU........YAH!!

Note: All the MAC lippies in this post were purchased from glamour. They are also offering massive valentine discounts on perfumes!! You don't have to pay before you get your order, you can pay when they deliver your items right to your doorstep, so check them out!

I've got great stuff for next week, being the love/valentine week. 2 makeup looks for your dates, and a post on the giveaway so keep checking back!

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what beauty products have you purchased recently? Have you used any of the products above, tell us what you know!

You guys make blogging worthwhile!! Thanks for reading! 

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Nice lippies. Funny how ive never heard of ruffian red even tho im a MAC Freak!

    Good to hear abt the price of mac lippies @ their lagos branch..its good they are in lag now, but i feel sorry for ppl who have lots of their products in stock, cuz ppl wont buy and would rather go to the mac store. Good thing i only have a few mac stuff left- and i havnt bought new ones to sell!

    nice blog btw!

    1. Funny how a mua friend and i were talking yesterday and she was saying the same thing. talking about not selling MAC products again! thanks for reading x

  2. Haha at the over priced mac products! Please I am glad! I've heard about that morange, many people are scared to use it loool

  3. I fnk u sud post d vals dy special quickly! So dt we wud perfct d lk b4 vals dy! (Or wt do u fnk?)

    1. Yes most definitely, i'll have them up early next week! thanks for reading! x

  4. Nice post and I love your blog. This is my first time commenting and I just want to say keep it up. And you are funny! Beggy beggy style lool

  5. Never heard of d ruffian shade!buh since it fits u,sure it'd fit me(we v d same complexion)so as a MAC frreak also,am adding dat to my collection...+where did ur frend get dat lippy from?!wld be rily nice for my everyday look o,pls do tell :)
    Nice post!!

    1. The MAC Ruffian series is an online exclusive collaboration between MAC and Ruffian,which are NYC designers( Brian Wolk and Claude Morais). They have 3 lippies Ruffian Gold, Ruffian Red and Ruffian Naked. not sure if it is part of the permanent line. I'll check that out


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