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Today's post is a tutorial on red lips! There is always something sexy, glamorous, seductive, elegant and classy about a well done red lips. Well, anytime I wear red lips (which is quite often) I'm always in that James Bond mood... ask me what my name is and I will say "The name's Shally....Shally Bond"......You feel this way too?? No? No? Oh well!!

My red lips crush has to be my girl Don Vita Teese (yes she my gurrrll....we go way back!) Does she turn up the heat with her red lips or what??!!  No one does it better...


Ok! Lets get right to it!


I chose the 'legendary' MAC rubywoo for this tutorial. While writing this post, I kept wondering why I used this lipstick seeing as I don't use it anymore. It is usually lying somewhere in my makeup kit. I just don't like it! It is too drying for my already dry lips, I don't care much for the shade, too hard...urgh..this one is story for another day. I wont say this lipstick is for the birds, since I just use it as a lipliner these days... I  figured most people love it and it is easily obtainable

You'll also need:

  • A red lipliner of your choice. I chose ZARON lipliner in Red Vines for this tutorial. Zaron lipliners are very pigmented and soft. they also double as lipsticks...great bang for the buck yes?
  • Cotton buds and your foundation to clean up
  • Facial tissue and powder to blot. If you already have very very dry lips like me, you can skip the powder. I chose PONDS oil control white powder...Ok I didn't 'choose' it...It was the first talc powder I saw lying around. You can use any white powder...if una get baby for house, use his/her baby powder....*ssssh*
  • Lip brush..this is also optional


And that's it!


  • Stick your index finger into your mouth and pull it out..this ensures you don't get any lipstick stains on your teeth. You don't want to look like a Bini witch that has just finished sucking blood! I took a picture to show you guys, but it looked so nasty!! 
  • Lets assume you are on a date, you know how red lipsticks tend  to misbehave and transfer onto drinking glasses (yeah i hate that to!),  

You can prevent this by licking your lips, before drinking. The moisture seals in the color and prevents excess staining..

Looks 50% better yeah? :)

  • Make sure the bobo you are with does not see you licking your lips oh! before he gets that 'oh she want it. ooooooh she gon get it tonight' impression!  LOL! You know how cocky they can get...well except that is your aim *cough*
  • If you have dry lips like me, you  might want to leave the mattes and go for more creamy and satin textures. This was a huge problem for me, because I love matte red lips..I did strong head for a while, but I just had to succumb. It really depends on the wearer because red lips look great in all textures.
  • Spread the powder on your tissue and blot. This 'sets' the lipstick and gives the second layer of lipstick something to hold on to. You only want to use a LITTLE amount of powder please..just a little. You can also use the tissue+powder  trick if you want your satin or creme textured red lipstick to be matte on your lips. The powder will absorb the oil and the shine!
  •  I usually pair my red lips with cool and subtle eyes...most of the time, i use just eyeliner.

The name's James  Shally, Shally Bond hehe!

*BUY: MAC RubyWoo at Konga here .Jumia here. Glamour here.....because I'm an Ijebu girl I got love for you guys, I compared the prices. Jumia: N4560, Konga: N4500 Glamour: N3900......
I ordered 2 MAC lipsticks from glamour 2 days ago, and I'll do a review soon!
*BUY: ZARON Lipliner and other zaron products at OluMakeovers. Just send me a mail :)

That's it guys! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Remember you can send me pictures and questions at ogunnowoomosalewa@gmail.com..(I got about 3 pictures from the brow tutorial and boy was I glad?!! Felt like a proud mama..lool)
Also don't forget about the giveaway, it is coming real soon. If you haven't, kindly like our facebook page and follow us on twitter @themakeuptales.  Thanks for reading!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. AWESOME!!!!Can't wait to endanger dem eyes wv my lip mehn
    Thank u Olu!!

    1. LOL @ endanger! GIDEEEEMM!!!! x

  2. LOL! shally bond.. WOW! Aren't tou the make up Messiah, this is soo good girl, I wore lipstick once n swore never again cos I just looked one kain, didn't think it involved liner etc. I'm doing this tonite. :D Fine geh! thanxx!

    1. hehe! I know how lipsticks can scare people, especially red, but when u get a hang of it, you wont go back! thanks b!

  3. Nice1 darling keep it coming...lov lov lov

  4. Rili cool,I will try it n send a picture.

  5. Lovely! Really nice! And your sense of humour...if u get small baby for house...loool! I'm definately checking back!

  6. Nice one Omosalewa, off a truth u are a make-up Guru. I'm also an ijebu lady,so proud of u. I'm gonna try it now and will send d pix to you. Thankx yah

    1. Hehehe! Omo Alares Unite :D Cant wait for your picture x

  7. Two posts in one week....I'm in heaven. Thanks for the tutorials......I absolutely love your blog...

  8. Finally a way not to have a messy glass after a sip, thanks shally bond :*

  9. Nice tutorial. Nice blog

  10. Nice one @omosalewa :) ....

  11. Really cool! keep it up the good work

  12. Nice one,usually settle 4 pink lips cos I was scared red wld be like an overdo esp since most ppl I see sef look like masquerades wt dier red lips.looool,buh now wld try dis steps and hopefully get a nice look.*wink*.thnks gurl

  13. So I'm can't sleep and been up sinc 1am tryin all ur tutorials.I'm a complete novice.&Thanxxx.love ow u take ur tym to xplain.

  14. This is really nice....I love how her lips turned out!!! keep up your good works
    Please check out www.prettyglitzmakeover.blogspot.com

  15. Anonymous10 July, 2013

    Omosalewa... great sense of humour, great writeups...* standing ovation *

  16. LMAO..... Officialy a Fan of your blog


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