MAKEUP: What You Should Have!

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Hello Peoples!

 I'd like to thank you guys for the responses: the views, the comments, the mails! Oh yes the mails! It is really encouraging to know that people are reading and want to ask questions. I got so much feedback about the skincare post..hope i answered all your questions...and hope your skincare routine is up and running hehehe!

I also got a mail asking about when 'órisirisi' makeup tutorials will start..loool...please be patient with me, i'm trying to get all the bases covered!

OK! today's post is aimed at familiarizing us with basic makeup products,the essentials you need in your makeup bag and a guide as to how and where to buy. I initially didn't want to do this post just because i thought well everybody knows what should be in a makeup bag, but i got a mail and it changed my mind. So for those who want to 'build'a new makeup set or those who are in between foundations and what not...I hope this post helps! Here we go...


 Foundation comes in liquid,creme to powder, loose (mineral) forms and coverage: sheer, light, medium and full. You have to choose your foundation based on what you want to achieve with it...

Sheer-Light : can only cover uneven skin tones.
Medium: depending on how it is built and applied, it can cover cover freckles, discolorations, blotchiness, and red marks left by pimples. they usually contain more pigments than the sheer and light coverage
Full: Is usually referred to as corrective makeup as it it used to cover extremities such as birthmark,vitiligo, hyper-pigmentation and scars.This was initially designed for use on theatrical sets but was later made commercially available by MaxFactor in the 1930s. So i guess you already know the type of coverage you should be using just from this!

Foundations pictured above are some of what I use personally and in my professional kit. My best best best bestest bestest foundation ever, which I'm yet to find a rival is the FASHION FAIR creme to powder foundation. It is oil free, fragrance free, it doesn't break me out, it doesn't transfer, it is hypoallergenic,  it doesn't clog pores, It has a SPF 12 sunscreen...and it doesn't feel heavy. I have been using this for about 5-6 years and i'll repurchase over and over. Infact I don't think anyone I ever recommended this product to gave me a negative feedback, well except for the fact that it's a bit pricey and quite hard to find in Nigeria. It is so awesome I buy in 2 shades, my normal shade(pure brown)  and a shade lighter ( my color fluctuates quite often; I don't quite understand this myself lool). Gifty"s Daughter makeup brand was recently appointed as the official Fashionfair stockist in Nigeria so you can check out that link!

Others I use are Iman Liquid makeup and Iman Second to None foundation (creme to powder). I absolutely love these products too and I've also been using them for a while. I use to the creme to powder for a more matte natural look, and the liquid when I a dolled up look and more coverage. I currently don't know where you can find the Iman Liquid makeup.

Revlon Photoready Liquid foundation used to be my favourite liquid foundation before I started using i cant say which I love more. It gives you an airbrushed effect, it is light yet it gives you medium-full coverage. Suitable for both dry and oily skin!

Black Opal stick foundation is like a great bargain!! The Greats such as legendary makeup artist Sam Fine testifies to this. Great coverage, wide wide wide range of shades, you would find your perfect match, easy to apply, full coverage, you might not even need a concealer! If you have an oily skin, it would be better to use a primer or oil mattifier before using this foundation as it could get oily around the t-zones. For dry skin...Get on it!!!!

*BUY the IMAN creme to powder (which they now call perfect response since they rebranded) at  . Kuddy's cosmetics in Lagos, Yinka Bodyline etc.
Revlon Colorstay foundation can be also be purcahsed at and at Casabella stores.

Powder is used to set the foundation and they come basically in two forms..loose and compact. Naturally loose powders absorb more oil than the compact.The truth is once you get your foundation right, the powder should not be a problem

Once again, my best powders have to be my Fashion Fair Transglo transluscent powder and Oil Control powder. Oil free, non-clogging, fragrance free, spf.....I was going to buy my Oil control jejely when the lady at the stand forced me to but the soon as she tested it on my face I knew I had to buy it.I bought the two x_x...and months later, the Oil control fell yakata for ground and it broke! So right now i just use my I don't use powders and foundations often, I've had it since 2011 I think..

My Mac studio fix, I have a love-hate-hate-hate relationship looks good once in a blue moon and I don't even bother again...the oil, the cakeyness, the breakouts..*shivers* But it has its days! Right now I just stock it for my kit, for specific customers who request for it.

Iman oil blotting powder is a winner for me you that matte fresh finish, oil free, doesn't transfer and quite affordable too. Iman is a really really great product line for women of color...get on it, if you haven't!

If you have oily skin or not, the Black Opal invisible oil blocking powder is a must have in your kit! This product got a reader's choice award in 2009 and also won Allure Magazine Best in Beauty Awards, 2009. For the price it is a steal!It is a lightweight, colorless, loose powder designed to perfectly blend with your skin tone (with or without foundation). This hypoallergenic formula is designed with unique oil blotters to help control shine and offers a matte finish.

*BUY at or at Kuddy's cosmetics

Used to camouflage scars and other blemishes, concealers are now very popular thanks to brow sculpting  If you haven't seen my brow tutorial, please check here

Revlon Photoready and Black Opal total coverage and stick concealers are my favorites  Black Opal concealers rivals the likes of MAC, Milani, Revlon etc and most pro makeup artists swear by it! I also use my Divaz concealer palette, professionally mostly. I'll be doing a post on Divaz makeup line very soon, it is a Nigerian brand and caters mostly to makeup artists.


These come in different forms also, caked, baked, loose, liquid, pigment, matte, lustre, shiny and what have you! Sleek, MaryKay, Mac, Milani have to be the most popular brands in Nigeria!

I absolutely adore my Fashion fair eyeshadows and they are worth every penny! Stargazer is one of the most pigmented eye shadows I know and the amazing thing is they are cheap! Better than most of these so called expensive makeup products, ssssh! Bobbi Brown eye shadows are great, Milani, ZARON (oh ZARON  i'll be doing a brand post on them also) , Black Opal etc.. The MAC eye shadows have a wide range of colors and finish, but pigment wise, they are not my favorite.

Ooooooh! I looooove lipsticks! They have to be one of my favorite beauty items (i'm still deciding which is!) Lipglosses not so much. I'm not so much of a gloss fan, i use my lipstick and I'm ready to go.I cant even start mentioning how many lipsticks i own, or how many brands i have...x_x and i keep buying...sometimes SAME shade but different finish ...crazy!

I'm even ashamed to say this is not half of the lipsticks I own...but what can i do? *sigh* I keep using the "it is for my professional kit" excuse!

Anyhoos, MAC lipsticks totally get me...from finish, to shade, to names, to fragrance, to packaging and to some extent price! I would say Fashion Fair again because the quality is one of the best I know, but some of their lipsticks cost up to $25-30--oh no ma'am! Revlon for the win, drugstore brand wise!! They are great and they come is various finishes and shades! Their matte lippies are the best IMO as they are not as drying as some of MACs matte lippies. Wet n Wild Megalast Range keeps rubbing shoulders with the top brands, hehehe! and they cost about 1/10 of what you'll spend on MAC, NARS, Estee Lauder etc..must have I say!

I depot some lipsticks into palettes/pill boxes for space
I also love MaryKay , Milani, Black Opal, NYX, Iman, Maybelline, short, I buy every brand I see in sight!


Eye-pencils, lip pencils etc are very necessary to have in your makeup kit! Lip pencils for your lipsticks, used to create different looks and textures and also to prevent your lipsticks from bleeding! My favourite pencils at the moment have to be the zaron lip pencils! They give life, literally! Jordana, Black Opal are like a must for my kit, affordable with good quality! Airwoman and Davis eyebrow pencils as seen is the brow post create beautiful brows. Its not always about the tools, but the artist! The more expensive eyebrow pencils like MAC ,FashionFair, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay 24.7 are also great...if you gat the money spend it!


How do I scream so you can hear me loud and clear?!! MILANI!!! They have the best blushes and bronzers, best believe! Infact they are the best known dupes for MAC mineralize skin finish blushes and Nars! They are highly pigmented and radiant. Please buy some Milani baked blushes and have small change to buy something on instead of splurging on the big names! The new sleek packaging (black) also has great blushes at  a great price. Black Opal blushes *sigh* total love for those beauties!


 Mascaras are also one of my favorite beauty products! I have full and long lashes ( yes yes *batting them*) so once i load up mascara on them ( I go crazy, using about 3-5 coats), they just look like a million dollars..yes! Now i have a personal rule with mascara...while i was starting out with makeup I used to buy the $30 Christian Dior or YSL mascaras from my pocket money (I didnt care if i would go broke, i had my mascaras!!), but after using a whole ride range of products, i can tell you now, that I can use ANY and I mean ANY type of mascara!! Most of them have the same composition but different wands. The wands really make the difference. Also when you are shopping for mascaras be sure to buy waterproof, so you dont end up looking like *insert whatever you choose here*. I love my W7 mascaras, got them from for about N500 each!

The CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume is my best mascara in the whole wide world!!! Been using it for a while and boy do they give me glam eyes or what??!! When i wear this particular mascara, the floodgates of heaven open, it rains, angels smile...loooool. But seriously I loveeeet. The fact that it is so hard to find is a personal pet peeve, lol!


Primers are necessary if you want your foundation, eye shadows to last longer, if you want to minimize oil and want to keep your makeup fresh. Enough said. My favorite primers have to be MAC prep and prime skin, MAC prep and prime natural radiance and Manuel Overide Silicone primer, Black Opal Mattifying oil blocker which can be used over makeup!
 I also use the MAC line filler for older clients. I decided to include it in this post for anyone who has bad scarring, to feel in the lines or 'crevices' before applying the rest of your makeup.It's a great product so like I say , get on it! If you have an okay skin, and you feel comfortable with your makeup right now, you might not need a primer..they are not the basic tools, but more of enhancers! I've heard great reviews about the Black UP primer, but I haven't used it yet! when I do i'll get back to you!
You can *BUY  MAC prep and prime skin here.


Makeup Brushes are VERY important. If you want a clean and flawless makeup application you should dump the applicators that come with your makeup products and get yourself a decent makeup set. E.L.F brushes are super affordable and they get the job done. They may not be my primary brushes professionally, but they get the job done and they are very suitable for everyday use. EcoTools is a brand I adore...I love their brushes affordable, soft, good handles and packaging..I use these brushes professionally and are also good for everyday use.

*Foundation brushes, foundation wedges, eyeshadow,lip brushes, angled brush for the brows, mascara spools for the brows, powder brushes, blush brushes, make up for a decent brush set. Additional brushes like Kabuki brushes (This is my magic brush), Stipple brushes, beauty blenders, powder puffs are professional but would make a good addition to your brush sets

Blending Brushes are absolutely IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY for blending out eye shadows  concealers etc. for a flawless and professional finish. you don't want all those flag looking eye shadows right? invest in some blending brushes

*BUY: Olumakeovers would be stocking brush sets and also individual brushes by February! Be sure to check back or hit me up with a mail!

There will be a giveaway really soon *yayness!*so i suggest you keep up with posts or subscribe by email, so as not to miss out. To qualify for this giveaway you have to reside in Lagos (or at least have someone who can pick up the item in Lagos) you'd have to follow us on twitter and also like our facebook page.

So that's it Ladies! *Whew*  Hope this post has helped someone! I promise more tutorials will be up in the ensuing days  weeks, lol! Please keep sending me your mails! THANKS FOR READING!!

Your Comrade in Beauty,



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  1. Another great post! Well done! Milani Eyeshadows are really really nice!

  2. Makeup!Makeup!
    Am a proud owner of most of the brands lined up here and I must say they are really good.
    Ya'al shld try erm out
    Fantastic Post OLU!!!

  3. haha! i get what u mean bout the mac studio fix..i know people who have had similar problems. i've been using it for about 6 years now with no it reallly depends on your skin type. Nice one

    1. LOL yes! depends on your skin type..bought it, trashed it! bought it again...same thing! Thanks for reading x

    2. Anonymous22 June, 2015

      were do you buy your black opal from

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    1. LOL!! Ha!
      1) You might be using the wrong mascara...for short lashes, get a mascaraa with a slim wand not the huge, big ones, so it can really get in and curl..
      2) you need to invest in a lash curler (they really work!)
      3) If you use falsh lashes all the time especially individual lashes, you might need to give it a break)

      Thanks for reading x

  7. I LOVE reading your posts,always loaded with lots of information and the fact that you use cheap products that we don't have to break the bank for is a plus. Chai! My make up purse is dead o, no concealer and tins. I need to fill it up asap!
    Looking forward to your next post

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    1. Hi, im not sure if they do blue-colored mascaras, but you can y get a blue one from Sleek! Thanks fo reading x

  12. But dat Gifty daughter is in Port-harcourt!!!no branch in Lagos ni?

    1. Hello Dewunmi, I think their only branch is in PH for now, but they do nationwide deliveries, soyou can always order from Lagos! x

  13. Hi dear.pls do u ve brushsets available now?

  14. I am finding it hard to find where i can buy Photoready Cappuccino. I have been using the foundation for the past 3 years, but since i came to Nigeria it has been so hard to find where i can find it. please can you tell me some places around Lagos where i can get it. thank you. if possible email me:

    i'm 18 years old and i have plans on going into the beauty and health sector. thank you.

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    Susan Chukwurah

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  38. I always use medium coverage for my foundation to cover blemishes ;)
    ~Pauline @ MAC Philippines

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